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Recurring Symbols againream

I am at a family function in an unfamiliar house. A male, who feels like a cousin energy, has a serious cocaine problem & comes home with two teeth knocked out and an eye injury. There is visible blood at all injuries - another male family member who feels like a brother is very upset - the cousin says it's okay, my eye is only like that because the contact was knocked out (he doesn't seem to realize his teeth are knocked out.) Cousin asks me to hold his contact for him & places it in my hand, but when I look at it, it's a small brass coin with beautiful design work, not a contact at all. He then hands me his "case", which is made of yellow rubber, too large to be a contact case, looks like one of those old coin holders that were popular when we were kids - it's torn & has blood on it - I get blood on my hands. I now decide to call a family intervention. Call my mom, my mother's mom (who is deceased for 25 years) and my cousin Rita - all three of these women are powerful & dominating matriarchs in waking life. Dream ends.
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Went outside in morning for previous day's mail, mailbox overflowing, could hardly carry verything. Ground is wet 7 my slippers get wet.
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Catering a party, Familiar client there, strange location - in a house with MANY rooms, Some are also offics. Had difficulty finding client at times, roads outside are flooded, there's another house on same street we need to transport food from, again my shoes are wet, it's hard to walk, my clothing is dirty as I had to wear same outfit for two days. Client keeps asking for extra dessert. There's a ring that had been stuck on my finger for the longest time, I finally manag to take it off in front of the client (she's female) & place it on my other hand in front of her. Party scene now changes - now in huge house with large mixd crowd - some of them are from a spiritual group who I know in the waking life. I have a blue denim dress on - something's attachd to it that doesn't belong, get help from one of the women in the group to take it off - it's a beautiful apron encrusted with jewels. There's a guy on the couch, he calls me over & starts hugging me, wants sex, I tell him no. A dog coms over & sniffs me.
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A girlfriend of mine is asked to watch her girlfriend's daughter. The father who has an abuse problem brings her. He gets loud & goes to open my friend's apartment (city)door, however, we're sitting around a picnic table in a countrylike setting. He finds her door locked & says "I guess things are so bad with her now they're locking her out." I tell him it's her apartment, why would anyone lock her out? He leaves mad, I talk to daughter about her problem, my neice appears 7 tries to get between me & the girl by changing the topic of conversation.
Next Dream
Walking through someone's backyard, going down small hill & eating bread - a stray dog comes running up - he's not threatening but I'm nervous since I don't know him - I take a piece of bread from my mouth & give it to him - he's satisfied. I walk to the picnic table to get my cigarettes, after picking them up, my hand gets stung by a bee.

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Re: Recurring Symbols againream

Having gone back and taken a quick look at your previous dreams, I tried to determine what relationship there was between those dreams and these. Here is an assessment of the first two dreams that speak in terms that may resignate.

Dream 1
The family function in an unknown house probably symbolizes your whole self that is addressing some unknown or as yet acknowledged aspect about yourself.
It may be addressing a masculine aspect that is avoiding responsibility.T his is causing injury to your ability to see and speak clearly. There is a loss of energy. Some closer masculine aspect is disturbed. You have lost contact in seeing. The seeing involves making choices or changes. These choices are encased in passed experiences which were appealing at one time but have become torn and lost its energy. There needs to be a reassessment of these possible changing aspects. There needs to be an influence of dominating feminine energies.

Dream 2
Overflowing masculine energies that are on slippery ground.

Dream 3
Many aspects/emotions. Difficultity in finding true self. The other house is another part of yourself that you are having to rely on. It is hard to walk this path, it is battered and gives causes an appearance of dirty persona and it requires ego energy. This aspect is needing extra attention.
Something that has been caused you to feel victimized is finally coming out and is being placed in front of you.

Dream 4
Affecting your whole self, mixed emotions. Affecting your life force. Heavy ego emotions showing. The beautiful part of you is detached. The masculine wants to reunite but is refused. But you must be obedient.

Dream 5
feminine needs to take care of feminine. The masculine has become abusive. The ego self is seeking freedom. The masculine needs to be locked out. It is so bad it is locking the true self out.

Since you have a good understanding of how dreams function I believe you will be able to take these interpretations and make sense of how they relate to your life. Having some knowledge of your life I know there are changes in your life that have been stressful. Let me know your thoughts to the interpretations and how you see them in relationship to your actual life.


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Re: Recurring Symbols againream

You sem to be right on the mark on all - thank you, will give more details,


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 48, New Jersey

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Re: Recurring Symbols againream

O.K., one at a time - let's review. Only because there are very particular symbols in each of these dreams that are haunting me. Dream # one - the beautifully embossed coin that the male energy handed me, seemed like something positive, a hope against something shadowlike & evil. The yellow case that was supposed to be the contact holder but obviously wasn't - not sure if it's the color, or the matter of rubber. The visible blood - my Grandmother (who was one of the female presences in this dream) was a strega and used to dream prophetically, would always say blood in a dream was a good sign of luck coming .
What do you think of these things that stand out most of all for me?
Thank you, I'll go one by one as my concious side can deal with.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 48, New Jersey

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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