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keyring with fur

Hello :-)

Twice, I've dreamt that I have acquired a special keyring. In the first dream which was about 5 years ago, I had to kill a giant tar-black skeleton queen and smashed her head to dust to get it out of her. The keyring had a small tuft of white fur and three tiny white feathers. No keys, but I held that thing up like a trophy.

In the second dream just last week, a keyring was dropped into my hand by an eagle. Again, there was fur on it; large brown bits of fur that looked almost like little pouches. No feathers this time, but there were three small keys on it. The keys didn't seem as important as the fur.

Any thoughts would be of value. Thank you.

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Re: keyring with fur

Aquiring a special keyring may indicate you are now acquiring some special insights to finding that way to becoming a whole person. Having to kill the tar-black queen sounds like an encounter with the black death of myth, which is metaphor for encountering your darkest shadow and discovering your true Self {Kali Hindu Goddess}. You have obtained the ring but the keys are still lacking. 3 out of 4, 4 being wholeness.

Eagles often symbolize higher awarness. This eagle has dropped the keys to a higher understanding of your life. The fur may represent prosperity. You are still incubating this access to higher understanding. You have reached the 3rd layer out of 4. You have grown in maturity and ability to understand.

Dreams such as this one oftem symbolizes spiritual growth. You probably have spent a lot of time incubating ytour spiritual self and are now at the moment of true realizations. One symbolic aspect that is often visible in dreams prior to full self realization {Jung's 'Individuation'} is that of the 'Black Death', facing and overcoming the darkest part of the psyche. You have encountered your shadow and are at that point of accepting it.

The keys didn't seem as important as the fur.
It is not important where you are in the hero/heroine path, it is important to understand you are actually traveling that path.

Let me know your thoughts.


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Re: keyring with fur

Hi Gerard;

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with me. I had just recently read "Owning Your Own Shadow" by Robert Johnson and was starting to work with my Shadow at the time of the first dream. I recognized that the tar-black skeleton queen was something of great importance that I feared/loathed in myself and/or life that I'd overcome, but was totally baffled by the keyring and fur. It seemed like a very odd trophy.

Since then, I have continued working on my spiritual growth and have come a long way. I am at last at peace with who I Am and love all of my Self. The path I'd been walking came to an abrupt halt last year -- lost everything from my business and spouse to all the friends and family that had been my support. Now, I am on the path I was always meant to walk. I "died" and have been "resurrected."

I'm not familiar with "Black Death" or "Kali" except that she is a death and fertility goddess, however I do know Anubis. He was an important symbolic figure in helping me through the rebirth process by "ushering" me through the "Land of the Dead." "Oya" (Yoruba goddess of chaos and change) and Eagle have also been a tremendous help in processing and understanding the changes I am going through, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Fur as prosperity seems to make sense. Since the first dream, I have prospered in many areas of my life. The first bit of fur was tiny and white - I'd fought hard to gain a bit of spiritual "wealth" and man, it felt good to obtain that tiny tuft of enlightenment. It was a major victory.

This recent dream had three bits of brown fur. You are correct that I am still growing. They looked like little pouches - maybe resources for me to draw upon. I think they represent material gains that I've longed for and recently obtained for the first time - a stable home, a steady income, and a job that I love. The fourth thing I asked for is a family of my own. And now, I have three small keys - three areas of my life that have finally been unlocked; home, wealth, and career. Just need family. 3 out of 4 ain't bad, but as you said, it ain't complete either

I know that the number three can represent self-expression, which makes complete sense since I've been working on manifesting my true Self in the phsycial. There is also something about three bits of fur and three keys ... the law of 3 by 3 states that whatever you put out shall come back to you three times three.

Wow. Suddenly a confusing symbol takes on such a beautiful meaning. Thank you for your help, Gerard



Just a quick side note regarding the Shadow: I noticed elsewhere on the site a statment that the Shadow is supposed to be the same gender as the person. I've found that this is not necessarily so. For myself, when my Shadow is accepting things I've requested it temporarily hold for me, it is female - receptive. When it appears to hand things back to me, it is male.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 33 - Canada

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Re: Re: keyring with fur

Thanks for your response. I apprecaite all follow-up resonse to my interpretation since all dreams are a learning experience.

Kali is about death and rebirth. As is Osiris and Anubis. Many feel that Osiris is the original representation of Jesus on the cross, the death and resurrection {from ego to the spiritual}. Many of the Christian symbols are borrowed from other myths, especially Greek. Unfortunately Christians have rejected the feminine psyche as equal {if not
} to the masculine.

It is odd that the shadow in your dreams is represented by the masculine instead of the feminine. But Jung always cautioned that his philosophies are a guide and not always applical in every instance. As individuals, and a part of nature, we all are different. And just as in nature there are so many divations to the normal pattern. What is important is you have recognized that shadow self.

Your comments are useful. I am always gratified to find so many who visit Myths-Dreams-Symbols that have taken an interest in their psyche. Soul work is tremendously rewarding and working with dreams is a great way to access the psyche.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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You mentioned ...


You mentioned "Black Death" as facing and overcoming the darkest part of the psyche to reach full self realization {Jung's 'Individuation'}. What you said made sense, but the phrase stuck in the back of my mind all day. This morning I finally realized why. If you don't mind, I have another symbol for you. First I need to give you a tiny bit of background:

Last December, I was held captive and severely assaulted over a period of days. I was threatened with death not only at the time, but if I escaped. He promised to hunt me down or send someone to find and kill me. As you can imagine, I was terrified and believed that I was going to die at any moment, even though he was still police custody. To get past this fear, I decided to confront it by meeting with "Death."

In meditation, the figure that came was "Crimson Death" which I am unfamiliar with. I will copy/paste from my journal so I get the details correct:

The edge of his robe fluttered in the April breeze, a red banner in the corner of my eye. I greeted Death and invited him to sit next to me. He obliged, confirming what I already knew; he had not come to take me today.

Death had a gift for me, one that came with a very heavy price. He held it out between his bone-forefinger and thumb so that it glittered in the sunlight between us. A little golden key.

"What is it for?" I asked without taking it.

"It is for you," Death replied. "You have paid for it already."

He dropped the little key in my hand and I stared at it. It looked so tiny, yet weighted more than I imagined in my palm. Twin circles made up the head of it, resembling the wind up key for a toy or ancient music box.

"What is it for?" I asked again. Even as I wondered, I knew the answer. I picked up the key and placed it into my heart, turning it once.

"The key to a heart," Death confirmed as I felt a pressure in my chest release. "Not just your heart. The key to all hearts."

I thanked him for delivering this gift, although I was not sure what to do with it. He reminded me that I had paid for it; it was mine by rights.

As he stood to leave, I dared to look straight at him. "When it is time for you to take me, I will be ready to go with honor."

Death paused to look back at me, a scarlet silhouette in the mid-afternoon. I showed him my hands, clean of any wrong-doing. He nodded and showed me a quick series of images in my mind's eye; all manner of violent deaths and accidents. Among them I see {the man who hurt me} coming toward me and a car crash in the night. These things frightened me, but Death assured me that they are not for me.

"When I come for you, it will be at the hour of your choosing. You will leave with dignity." With that solemn promise, Death turned and vanished from my sight.

I am no longer afraid of death and have some understanding of the key as areas of my life has become "unlocked" since then. I would like your thoughts about "Crimson Death." Is he a common symbol like "Black Death"?

... And, you are most welcome for feedback. That is how the teacher learns While there is a lot I don't know, it's a joy to converse with someone who actually knows what the heck I'm talking about


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 33 - Canada

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

Re: You mentioned ...

It is great to know you have found that center that allows you to live your life in the face of adversities. Your experiences are frightening but you have grown in your person dispite those experiences. I thank you for your openiness in discussing your life. It is an inspiration for us all.

If you were to ask me what my answer would be for the fear that you possess because of your traumatic experience, it would be, not to fear death. That is NOT what I would have told you here at the forum because so few people are capable of understanding the concept. It is a very complex subject and requires a different way of thinking {Jung's Individuation Process}. I would have used a different approach in my answer.

But you have overcome that sense of fear through self realization, so you and I can speak of DEATH.
My personal thoughts on the matter that it is a part of life. I believe that the soul makes a transition at death, that the human suffering is at an end {the FIRST Buddhist saying is life is sorrowful}, but the soul's journey continues. To spell it out in exact terms is impossible because no one knows what happens at death . {You can't dwell on it}.

It's a psychological process. Just how one begins to understand, accept and not fear the reality of death is dependent upon the individual journey. You came by it from self realization. Others discover how to overcome fear from Buddhism, or some mystical approach. But in reality too few people come to understand and accept it.

Joseph Campbell often quoted the mystical Islam proverb, 'when the angle of death approaches he is horrific, but when he reaches you it is bliss'.

The hero of myth must learn to accept and not to fear death. And overcome desire. That's the discipline of the path. It is a process, a psychological process.

Campbell on Nirvana: Nirvana is a psychological state of ebing where you are indifferent to fear, desire and social duty.

Most societies are too ego-centered to understand this concept. Americans are even worse, narcissistic. We can't get past social duty let along the fear of death.

Again, thanks for your post. I like to think the Forum is a place for learning and your experiences have provided new insights.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Basically, "Crimson Death" is symbolic of my acceptance? Red representing passion (my intent) and strength (my ability) and sex (my acceptance)?

Yes, overcoming desire has been part of it. Not so much overcoming having desires, but letting go of the need to control the manifestation of my desires. Instead, I acknowledge my desires, examine my intent to make sure it is "pure" and hand my them over to my god, trusting that they will come when the timing it right.

And, yes; overcoming the pull of "social duty" was another step. That was the greatest lesson one of my teachers unwittingly gave me when she turned me away because she was too busy saving the world to help me. Hurt like heck, but I laughed myself off my chair when I "got it" ... then, I lit incense for her loss because she really believes that her great mission in life is to save the masses, neglecting friends, family, and self to do so.

I believe that we are charged not with the salvation of others. Not to "DO" but merely to "BE": to live the wisdom we gain, affecting the world immediately around us by our very existence. It is an achievable goal which affects the people around us very dramatically. It is a big step to consciously acknowledge that we have this kind of power and accept responsibility for it. When we fail to change the world, we can shuck off responsibility by saying, "It was too big of a job for just one person." But, if we fail to share ourselves with the people in our lives, we have no one else to blame.

LOL - Yes, you cannot teach someone to think differently. All you can do is share with them the fact that there are other ways of thinking. Plant the seed and trust it to grow when the time is right.

Hm, Nirvana. Yes, that could be another word for the peace that has come into my life.

Thank you, Gerard. The information you are sharing with me has been eye-opening in regards to the path I'm walking and gives me a new way of looking at my dreams which have changed these past few months

And, you are welcome. It is my honor to be able to share

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 33 - Canada

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Re: keyring with fur

I hope you visit the Forum often and share your insights and experiences. As I have often stated, the Forum is a learning place. For each of 6 billion plus souls that inhabit this blue/green planet, every one of them has a unique experience to share. But true gnosis is hard to find.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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