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The Moans of the Twilight sky

The dream starts off at my grandmas old apartment and i walk out side but the sky looked this beautiful blue and yellow color mostly blue thought. The clouds start to come closer to us like something was comming out of it. People everywhere start to come outside to see the magnifiacent sight. All of a sudden there were sparkle of light hitting everywhere the people panic so we ran in the house and closed the door everything outside looked as if it was turnning in to night but its around 12:00 pm. I was moving throught the house for some reason i started to make weapons and handing them out to my friends and family that was there. For a minute everything was silent so i went to the back door and there were people walking around clothing burnt by the sparks that came from the sky. They weren't alive cause some of them were bleeding to bad to move the way they did. they looked kind of like the zombies you see in the horror movies so while i was looking throught the window i was spotted by one. The way he moaned when he got up the steps slowly freaked me out i couldn't belive my eyes then a group a people came out of no where trying to get past them but had to fight them to get to there destination. The thing that was at the door was tookin out by someone with a sharp knife throught his head blood squirted on the window. I then ran to tell my friends and family what happened they all left the front door was wide open i wasn't going to walk forward because i don't know what is now in the house so i go throught the back door and run with the band of people that were trying to stay alive. We ended up on the northside of saint louis city we found more people even a beautiful Brunnett a long the way so i promised to protect her and keep her safe. The further we went the more dangrous it became there weren't a few of these things there were groups so we stoped at an abandon gun shop to see if there were any weapons left every body except the kids and me didn't get a hand gun (don't like guns)so i found this sword that was in a case it was a real cool find. The others wanted to know where i got it because the didn't see it when they were looking.
We been wonderin for what may seem like days which may have led to months or years so we found a place to set up camp invited others like us to stay as long as they wanted and kept the others who wanted our weapons and flesh out.

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Re: The Moans of the Twilight sky

It would really help if you could break the dream up into segments / paragraphs - the dreams are very hard to read as a long continuous post. I also cannot understand parts of it. None-the-less I hope this helps -

This dream seems to describe a journey, This may be the journey of your inner life, your feelings about it, and how you currently feel to the outside world.

It starts in 'my grandmas old appt' ,,, it is almost like Hansel and Gretel; somewhere safe and stable. You are able to appreciate the greater beauty of the world (Universe).
But things change,,, maybe you grow up ,,, you see the world differently. You feel under attack, feel the need to defend yourself - this is likely defending your inner self, your sense of who you are. As you look around the world outside, it is full of walking dead, zombies. It is necessary to fight your way past them. You are uncertain and afraid of what is on the inside ('do not know what is on the inside), you are looking for like minded people that you can run with; perhaps this also refers to a melding of all the parts of you coming together.
You meet a Fair Damsel that you promise to keep safe - your anima ...
However the further you go, the more dangerous it becomes ,,, the heroes path is not easy and does not get suddenly easier for some time. The guns may represent masculinity, potency; yet your expression of this is different from the others, you find a sword - still a symbol of masculinity.
The journey / struggle goes on for a long time, just as in life. The different parts of you come together and settle ('as long as they want). Your wholeness is your protection against the outer world.

How does this fit with you?

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