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My ex's house. Children turn into tigers

Had a mini snooze this afternoon. Despite a wonderful nights sleep last night, could not shake off a really bad headache all day, today (food, water, stretching, lavender oil,painkillers, fresh air, just staying still - all to no avail!) which was threatening to turn into a migraine.

Had planned to do loads of things today, sowil have to wiat until tomorrow.

My ex's house, which he has livedin since March 05). He and his curent girlfriend now cohabit. She has two daughters (9 & 11) from previous marriage. In wwaking life they are utterly vile to my 5 yer old son. They are soulless, dead eyed, miserable creatures - th image of their mother.

My son has brown wavy hair, blue eyes and very fair skin. His father and I have dark hair and brwon eyes. His fathers girldfriend is tall, androgynous (no I am not being horrid, she is concave and devoid of any apparent secondary sexual charachtersistics, but knowing what you do already Gerard, this should come as no surprise with regard to my ex). She has very short, cropped, bleach blond hair, blue eyes. Her daughters, mousey lank hair, blue eyes, sullen and lacklustre demeanour.

I have dark brown/chestnut wavy hair, 5'4'', slim but curvy. Just setting out colouring and appearances in case this is relevant in dream.

I dream that I am in my ex's house. It does resemble his house, but not exactly. I am playing with children in one room (on ground floor). I am aware that my ex's girl;friend is in the other room.

The next bit is confusing. A sullen loking child who looks like the ex's girlfriends daughter, comes down tehstairs and is stood on one of the bottome stairs, has short curly blond hair, sneers at another child and then roars and turns into a tiger. The metamorphosis starts at the face immediately after the roar and then the child grows to full ladult height with tiger markings. Not real tiger markings, but the tyoe that one would see in childrens face painting - i.e. stylised black and orange stripes.

Another child, although I do not see who it is, turns into a 'tiger' in the same way as if endeavouring to scare off the other 'tiger'.

I go into one of the rooms to the fromt of the house, which exists in real life, though I do not know its content or layout in real life. The room is light and strikes me as an office/playroom. If one were to look at the house from the front, it would be to the left of the front door, which is placed centrally in the house. In the dream house there is a toilet in a recess to the right of the door. I see 2 policemen come to the house and I try to ermain out of site. I hear them ask if they know a girl who used to live there/in the area, who was six when she disappeared, but she would now be 20 years old.

I wake up.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39, UK

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Re: My ex's house. Children turn into tigers

Well, no takers for tigers, I guess!

Saw my son today (in waking life). Tells me that a man painted his face and that he asked fro a white tiger, but that the man coud only do a cheetah (with white marks).

I asked my son why he wanted a white tiger and he said that it was because it looked the 'most scary'.

I would have presumed that he wouldhave chosen a lion out of all of he face painting choices, so was surprised.

A real life combo of my dreams about white masks and tigers, or just a tenuous link?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39, UK

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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