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Weird Movie-Like Dream

I don't know if there is any explaining this dream...

There was this woman, she was running from some stalker. He was a violent stalker and she was afraid. Suddenly, Abraham Lincoln popped up and killed this stalker. I think he was sort of a lover to this woman. Then, that night she was sitting on her bed and she looked over to a counter top where a blender sat. She looked at as if it might kill her. Then the dream kind of went out of focus and I woke up. The weird part is that I saw this whole thing through her eyes.

In my town, there was this (I guess) forest type place. In there, people would rip their heads off right at the base of theirs heads so they still had a neck. Then there would be a green pole sticking out of the ground. After their heads were off, these people would run and like put themselves upside down onto this pole and blood would flow out. So, I knew about this place and I begged my mom not to drive through this place. One day, we are in the van. I notice that the ground has a weird texture, it looked as if many eyeballs had been rolling through. I then saw the headless people sticking their necks on the poles. One of the girls was someone from my school.

Any ideas?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 14, Tenessee

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Re: Weird Movie-Like Dream

Hi Aaron,
Before I look at your dream I would like to know what part of Tennessee you are from. I am located in Murfreesboro. We are fellow Volunteers.

This dream probably has to do with your rape dream, a loss of dignity. The events from that real life experience {rape dream-loss of dignity} may be the stimulus for this dream also. But since there is this recurring theme there may also be deeper issues that the dream is trying to communicate. Go to the rape dream where I will give a full breakdown of my thoughts to that dream. It is very detailed and you may not understand all that I am trying to put forth {you seem to be very intelligent for your age so maybe you will understand}. I had worked on the rape dream last night befoer I had noticed your age. Age is very important in interpreting dreams.

Seeing the dream through 'her' eyes is probably your feminine aspect seeing your life as it affects the whole psyche/personality. {see Anima/Animus at left column}. We all have both masculine and feminine aspects that do not necessarily have to do with sex. The indigity you suffered in your class in your prior dream probably relates to this feminine aspect.

As for your second dream this is how I would strat out interpreting it metaphorically.

I was in my real place {town}, a part of me that is a place where I can/need to grow {forest}. But in my head there has been parts that have been ripped off leaving only a dead end connection {neck}where ther should have been a natural connection between body and mind.

From your rape dream and these two dreams, and with the neck being ripped off in the one dream, I sense there are deeper issues that are probably a result of earlier childhood experiences. This has caused a disconnect in your life that prevents you from being whole. This disconnect has to so with some feminine aspect in your life, probably someone who earlier in life caused a deep indignity to your psyche that remains. Perhaps it has to do with your mother. Her driving you through this place may indicate that you feel she is responsible for this disconnect that is present in your life. The presence of poles suggests that perhaps there may be some sexual conotations to these dreams. This has affected your feminine aspect in a way that may have prompted you to reject women {girls} because of the actions of your mother {for whom you unconsciously is not consciously blame for your psyche problems}.

If you will, look back at your earlier years and see {many eyeballs] if there are experiences that have to do with sex that may have had an involvement of your mother. The dream indicates that perhaps the experiences you suffered were known or should have been knwon by your mother but she {drove you through this place} anyways. Since you are onlt 14 your dreams have less to deal with experience wise and are a bit harder to understand than if you were an adult. Dreams of younger peoiple often take a different approach than those of adults. But if there are traumatic experiences from childhood {which these dreams suggest} then those differences would be mute.

Thanks for your posts. Let's work togethjer and see if we can find what these dreams are trying to communicate. Read my interpretation of your Rape dream and see what be in it that may help you better understand these dreams.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

Re: Weird Movie-Like Dream

There has been no-oh how shall I put this-There has been no abuse in my life, none of any kind. Well at least not from my family. The people at school have physically and verbally assaulted me a few times. But, nothing sexual with my mom (I hope that came out right as in answering your question). Oh, there was more...Well, I have always been friends with girls and mainly girls. They guys don't really accept me. This is most likely because I'm not a sports fan, I am more of a musician/writer. The way people are, they think I'm gay. People have made comments to me for a long time now. I don't see myself as gay at all. Could the comments made be a reason?

Another thing...I had my mom read this because I had a hard time understanding , but she was wondering if it could somehow go back to the womb. She said she was under a lot of stress the whole time. I have a hard time trusting most people, which could have something to do with these losses or whatever.

One more thing...I seem to remember a daycare that I used to go to. I didn't tell my mom this until like a year ago but I remember one day at nap time, I was talking (Yeah, I talk a lot). I swear one of the workers spanked me and put me in seclusion. I could see this as reasons, too.

If I missed something, I'll post the answer later.


P.S. We live over in the Franklin area.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 14-Tennessee

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

Re: Weird Movie-Like Dream

I know the Franklin area well. I have done a lot of business over the years, especially in the Fieldstone Farms neighborhood off Hillsboro Rd.

As I stated in my interpretation, dreams of younger people are quite different from those of adults. Simple and quite innocent experiences can come across as something much more drastic in the minds of adolescents. The incident you spoke of about the daycare experience could very well be that indignity as a child that remains with you at 14. And there could have been other experiences that re-inforced those traits. Some people are more prone to react to little things. I assume the indignity that occured in your school classroom affected your senses in a way that perhaps may not have affected someone else. The phsyical and verbal abuse you have experienced at school may be due to your sensative nature. People can be very hateful especially if they sense a weakness from someone else. They are covering up their own insecurties by picking on you. The woman stalker in your dream may be those strong feminine aspects that project themselves that other students pick up on. But let me assure you the most creative people on earth are in touch with that feminine aspect. It may seem like a curse at this stage of life but later on it can be that thing that propells you to your greatest heights.

And to give you my personal experiences having to do with the feminine. If not for my intuitive nature, a feminine aspect, I could never understand dreams as I do and give proper intrepretations. Most artists, not only art but with music, poetry, literature,etc. have strong feminine aspects that provide then with the gift to communicate through the muses. Once I ralized I had this intuitive skill and began to develope it I was able to see into dreams. Of course my studies of Jung, Campbell and other great teachers are most important also.

Let me know how things prgress in your life. And always feel free to post your dreams here at the Forum. Perhaps with a good Jungian eductaion and the semmingly intuitive nature you possess, you too can see beyond that of the 'normal' mind.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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