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I have 3 friends that died in a car accident. And one of them come into my dreams quite frequently. The one that I will never forget is he came to me and was talking to me and nobody else could see or hear him. Only I could. We talked like we used to and I caught him up on what's going on today. Then he tells me he has to go. I tell him no please stay awhile longer. He then tells me that it looks like I got a cramp in my shoulder and tells me to turn around and let him rub it when he does I wake up and my arm had fallen asleep. I then heard him go whistleing through my house the annoying whistle he did when he was alive that got on my nerves.

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Re: death

Since this one friend who died is a male, it may have to do with qualities he possessed that you identify with that keeps him coming back to visit you. Or it could be that the close relationship you had with him remains. Or it could be both.

Since in your dream no one else can see him, it may represent that there are masculine qualities about yourself that are 'unseeable'. You amy only have contact with this aspect in your unconscious {only you can see him in your dream, the unconscious dream}. This masculine aspect has left you. This could represent the actual person as well as some masculine aspect. This masculine aspect may be the ability to shoulder the pain of perhaps losing your friend {as well as actually being a pain in your shoulder from sleeping on it}. This masculine aspect, whether it be the actual friend or the inner aspect he represents, may have had an annoying aspect to it {the whistle}. The annoying part within you could be the fact you can not let go his passing.

What aspects of this departed friend do you associate with? Dead friends or loved ones often enter our dreams because of the pain of missing them. This is natural. But the dream may be addfressing some masculine aspect within yourself that is missing. This could be a warning {the whistle} that you need to discover this aspect. It may be of help later in life.

One thing you must not do is to look at this dream and think something is trying to haunt you. I don't see that at all. This seems to be a positive message.

There seems to be a relationship to this dream and the other dream you posted. If you look at the relationship with your departed male friend you may be able to determine what it is that you need to get in touch with masculine wise.


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