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Ok I just have a question about a dream I had. I don't know what it means so if anyone can help me please email me and let me know.
Ok I keep having this dream where this green eye is coming after me. It is surounded by darkness with streeks of lights. The colors of the streeks of light are light green, light blue, pink, white, yelloe, orange, and red. I can't move or run from it not only b/c i'm not scared of it but i can't move. I can feel the calmness from the eye.
I don't know what this means.

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Re: Eyes

Gosh. An eye you can't get away from. Could symbolize a lot of things. If you can provide a dream as complete as you can remember it I may be better able to give a educated opinion. Of course I'm not that educated but I try.

Soul Future's Dream Dictionary has some excellent suggestions where to start looking. Needing to take a good look at something, needing to establish the truth, being watched.

The other symbols may give some clue to what this green eye is about. Of course we know it is about you, but in what way? Green is the color of growth so perhaps there is some message about your personality, or personal growth, something about your life or sewlf. It may inform you of something that you may be unconsciously aware of but have not as yet acknowledged or recognized consciously.
Darkness in dreams often symbolizes the unconscious, contents within the psyche with its different aspects {see column at left of page for more about those aspects. The streaks of light may be those content which are ready, or are now needed for conscious understanding, as in flashes of remembering or understanding something.
The meaning of the different colors can represent many things also. Perhaps moods, or each having their own symbolic mmeaning. They are in succession so that may mean something. Look at your waking life and see if you can think of anything that you can assoicate with these.

Whatever it is it has you paralyzed, perhaps not literally but metaphorically. Dreams speak in symbols and metaphor. Most symbols are metaphorical and not literal. But emotions and feelings often portray themselves in dreams with other symbolic language. If you compare these symbolic representations to your waking life you may be able to determine something about the dream message from doing so.

Let's look at what we have from just discussing the possibilities. You may unconsciously know {but have yet to do it or acknowledge it} need to look at something about yourself, that can be either positive or negative. Or something you should be aware of but are not, for some reason. If green is indeed tied to personal growth, this may be something that benefits you in some way, or something if realized will amke things better.
The streaks of different color lights probably hold the key to the dream message. Moods are a possibility.
Perhaps something is unconsciously affecting you {you may not feel it is but underneath, in reality it is} and you are going through different moods.

The eye following you is probably your mind's eye. Another possibility is some one or something is giving you the impression they/it is watching you. We know the unconscious mind is doing this. Perhaps alos something in your waking life may be felt as if it is watching you. It doesn't need to be a person. That would leave unconscious impressions. This thing is coming after you so perhaps you need to be ready for it. It has you paralzyed in some way.
The different lights could represent the moods, or something else that repeats itself, or something that is in succession. It is sorta like a puzzle with trying to fits the pieces together, even after you have some idea of the meaning of symbols.

You amy want to keep track of future dreams. If you try hard enough you make get your unconscious to bring this matter up {about tbe ey, and its meaning} again. It is playing on your mind it will probably come up anyways. A good way for some to help remember their dreams is to drink a lot of water before going to bed so to make you want to get up and use the bathroom. The body will break in on the dream mind, often slowly. Tell yourself that when this happens to think about the dream when you first open your eyes. Go over the dream immediately and then write it down.
Then you can go to the bathroom thinking about the dream.
Send that dream to me and maybe we will be able to see through the EYE.


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