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Well, I'm pushing through a crowd of people hanging around in front of my childhood home - they are preparing for a huge party. As I make my way to the door and unlock it, they push past and invade the house (break out the beer bong). I'm fixed on getting to the upstairs bathroom. I'm angry with everyone downstairs (and don't seem to recognize anyone - they're all half my age) and wish they would just go away. I begin to feel anxious as I close the door behind me and approach the bathroom mirror. I can see my face has a blemish on the forehead and I begin to pick at it. Now (gulp) HUGE flakes of my skin come off in my hands and I start *double GULP* eating it. (YIKES)

What does it all mean?
Thank you.

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Re: Yikes

The crowd is not only those wkaing aspects that you have to overcome daily but also the different aspects within your psyche you must push through to get to those underlying influences that form your life. I think this dream is dealing with some past experiences that you nee to push your way through to and give attention to.

Something seems to be locked away that may cause certain emotions to invade your thinking. You may be angry at certain aspects of yourself. Because these things cause anxiety you have locked them away. But you neeed to look at yourself an see what it is that has caused a blemish on who you are. But if you do you may be afraid it will comsume you {eating your own skin}.

Are there unresolved issues, especially from childhood that you have locked away? The dream seems to be addressing such possibilities. Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can gain more insights to the dream, and your life.


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