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Hello I m new to this forum and would like to post my first message :

I was dreaming of a mass execution ordered by the new pope and he forced me to watch the execution.
Help me find out what it means !!


Re: Death

To be honest I am handicapped in interpreting your dream because I do not know your gender. Andree could be male or female {excuse my inability to discern your gender}. Age could also be important to the interpretation.

As for mass executions ordered by the pope, there my be some part of you that is threatened by some higher masculine aspect that needs to come to an end or conclusion. It could refer to something or someone in your waking life, or some aspect of your masculine psyche {seeAnima/Animus in left column}, or both. A higher authority suchas your boss, father, or even the pope himself {are you Catholic?}. If it is part of your masculine aspects it could hav eto do with spirituality.

The pope is male {and his religion also, patriarchy} and he is the highest rung in the latter of Catholicism. Thus it may represent some higher masculine quality within your psyche, the spiritual aspect.

Executions are not only putting someone to death {or something}, it may also may refer to carrying out some thing that needs to be performed. Perhaps there is some part of your waking life that you are aware of {watching} that you have not carried out. Or it could be an unconscious thing. This thing, when performed, will put an end to it. It is a death, an ending, and not a literal death. Such language of death in dreams seldom are literal interpretations but are metaphorical in its reference.

As for your gender, knowing whether you are male or female may give clues to the relationship to this '{pope'. If you will read the Anima/Animus page you will begin to understand the possible importance of gender. Age of the dreamer could also have a bearing on the symbols and their relationship to to dream message.

Let me know your thoughts to what I have provided and perhaps we can get closer to the possible message of your dream.


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Re: Death

Thanks so much Gerard for your prompt reply, this is a great site , never would have expected a reply so fast !

However yes I am Female and strong catholic, I am in a difficult relationship at this time (married two kids) and my husband is obsessed that I am having an affair which I don't.

So my life is a littel bit difficult right now and I hope this site will guide me trough my spiritual life.

Thanks again


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Re: Death

Thanks for your follow-up post. It shines a lot of light on your dream and its interpretation and once again verifies Jung's approach to the dream.

It looks as if you are being confronted by male masculinity on several different fronts. As I stated in my interepretation there may be "some part of you that is threatened by some higher masculine aspect that needs to come to an end or conclusion". Since I do not personally see a husband as a higher aspect {his is an equal at best} I unfortunately left him out of the possibilities of a 'higher masculine aspect'. But that is most likely part of the reference in your dream, your husband being one of those masculine aspects. The other masculine aspect does indeed have to do with spirituality {from my interpretation: "If it is part of your masculine aspects it could have to do with spirituality}". This is most likely your being a strong Catholic and the conflictring emotions you are having with your husband's obsessions. In some way this probably is in conflict with your religious ideas.

Jung's hypothsis about dreams is there are always at least two interpretations to each dream. One is confronting the waking life conditions having to do with ego and outward personal conflicts and the other the higher aspects having to do with metaphysics, spirituality, and creativity.

Your dream seems to be addressing both these issues. One of the function of dreams is to to help you sort out conflicts within your life {the addage you always feel better after a good nights sleep}. Perhaps future dreams will shine more light on unconscious contents that will offer help in solving some of the conflicts in your life.

As for your spiritual life, there is much here to be learned. But I must caution you that it will take an open mind because a lot of the contents deal with those things that orthodoxed religion often find as heretical. I focus more on deeds than I do the faith. Being a recovering Church of Christ/Southern Baptist I choose to look within myself for answers and not to what others tell me is MY spiritual truth. Spiritual wise I believe in the path of Jesus but not in the dogma of the church. To get a good idea to nwher I am{and Jung} coming from start here with my Spirituality & Religion page. You will find information that most christians and Catholics are not aware of because it goes against the patriarchal/masculine idea of the church. It is the psychology of the individual that determines the true spirituality and gives meaning to a moral life that Jesus would follow, as would the Buddha. I have a lot of respect for many of the liberal Catholic beliefs but little tolerance for the exclusion of thsoe who do not fit in the tightly formed ideas of what is right and wrong.

If you have other dreams you wish to post for interpretation please do so. It doesn't matter what your spiritual beliefs are. There is no discrimnation here. My intent is to help with the understanding of dreams because I know how important dreams can be for those seeking answers to the conflicts in their lives. It is not quakery but a science, the psychology of dreams that helps me provide insights to the dream world.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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