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    Dancing tiger

    I'll post the questions for this dream later tonight. I hesitated to post these dreams as they're both lengthy. Which brings another question to mind I'll add to the question post.

    The characters:
    1. The females are coworkers at a different location. Amy & Allison both mid 20's, Caucasian, young idealists. Anquenette 50’s & Jen 30’s, African American, beautiful, tranquil souls.
    3. Amanda & Dustin are daughter and her beau.
    4. Character Isaiah- his real name is Jeremiah, friend of daughter, African American, outgoing & fun.
    5. Nancy – older sister, very close relationship. Dennis her husband.
    6. Presleep focused on the constant distraction of animal instinct/sex drive & need to find resolution.

    At training class break for lunch. Starving, haven’t eaten for awhile. Didn’t pack lunch, at machine, no real food, all junk. Amy and Allison walk up. I can’t decide, don’t want junk food, unhealthy, tell them to go ahead. They’re excitedly talking about the snacks, what they want, get stuff. I tell them this stuff isn’t good for them & they shouldn’t try to live on it. I finally decide on a choc iced donut, nothing else available & this is my only chance to eat until late tonight. Walking back to the training room. Anquentte in the hall excited telling Jen & I the chapter store is closing and everything is on clearance for cost. They’re both excited about the sale and heading there. I think cost is only ten percent off so no big deal. Amy and Allison walking in hall, ask what’s going on. I tell them what Anquenette said saying you can go if you want. Then think the chapter price for a lanyard is 50% off & maybe I will go.

    At Nancy’s farm, walking outside with her. Three female white tigers sitting on rocky outcrops on hillside. The largest, oldest one, in the middle with two smaller, younger ones flanking either side. Standing, looking at them, very beautiful. Ask her why she keeps white tigers on the farm. Came with the farm, they like it here, it’s their home. Dennis arrives, she goes to house with him. I sit in the grass, looking up at the tigers, watching them, they are majestic and magnificent.

    I look left & behind, see a male white tiger approaching, out of his cage. Fear, it may attack and kill me. I sit motionless, facing the females. They remain in their places. I hear him behind me. It sniffs my hair, the back of my head, running it’s nose all through my hair. I picture it’s powerful jaws clasping around my head or throat but stay still. He chuffs & then feel his raspy tongue licking the back of my head/hair. It then walks to the largest female and sniffs her fur, again running his nose through her hair, looking at her, chuffing. I slowly rise, turn slowly walking away. If I run it will invoke the predator prey instinct and he will chase, catch and kill me. I walk slow a bit, pause, walk, pause, going right, then left, as if I’m a tiger. Softly at first then louder calling Nancy. They’re her tigers and maybe she can get the male back into its cage. I look back to see if he’s going to chase me. No, looks but still interested in the large female. I continue zig zag walking & pausing, I’m almost to the barn. Hurry into the barn & close door behind me.

    Confused at first. The interior of the barn is changed. Fresh new wood plank floor and walls. Then remembered remodeled/changed the interior. Look out the door window. See Amanda & Dustin walking & talking, going to the barn. (The barn I’m in changed to a house.) They don’t see the tigers. I get their attention and wave them over pointing to the tigers. They put down the bags they’re carrying & walk quickly to the house & in the door.

    Then see Isaiah walking to the barn. Trying to get his attention, to warn him away from the tigers, to get to the house. Finally sees me, wave him over, point to the tigers but he doesn’t see them. I say to Dustin he’s walking too slow. He doesn’t know the tigers are there. The male sees him. Leaps off the rocks running at Isaiah. Now yelling at Isaiah to run, it’s coming. Dustin yells run you dumb a**. The tiger runs in front of Isaiah and stops.

    (Dream turns “mythical” here) Isaiah now wears ceremonial yellow Indian style vest and baggy pants. Vest is jeweled with red, purple & clear jewels, gold trim. Isaiah playing around, jokingly with the tiger. Begins fondling the tiger from behind. I think it’s the male, can’t he tell. But it’s not the male it’s the oldest female. Fear the tiger will kill him. Tiger rises on hind legs, now dancing & moving in circle, first facing away from Isaiah then turns facing Isaiah. (This resembles an Indian image I have seen but can’t remember where or the meaning). Isaiah follows, same dance, now both facing each other, continuing to dance, then tiger leading, Isaiah following, in a circle. Stop dancing. Isaiah stands in front of the tiger and unzips his pants pulling out his erect penis showing it to the tiger for fellatio. The tiger licking his penis.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

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    Re: Dancing tiger

    Thanks for all the personal info. It will help with understanding the dream message{s}.
    Since there is so much in your post it will take a little time to discern it all. I will give time to it today and hopefully be able to give a full response by tomorrow.
    Thanks for your patience.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

    Re: Dancing tiger

    Thank you. Please, respond whenever. I've worked on this dream for some time now & still don't have the end interpretation that feels right. Sorry to say the other dream is just as lengthy.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

    Re: Dancing tiger


    Here is my assessment of your dream. I approached it as if if were your life's story, as it applies to your search for wholeness. I use language that I believe best fits the symbols but of course the metaphors that fit you may be a bit different. All in all it is a production/play of your heroine journey. I believe the whole dream is a positive message but as in all life we must wake up to the realities. That is what the last part is about.

    And the last part reminds me of Campbell's story of Perceval and his last temptation that must be overcome which is sex. Sex perhaps not in the context of the sexual act but of the physical sublumation given to the body.

    Training is the search. All you find is social contamination. Amy and Allison are the younger you {would give into society's dictates}. You decied for wholeness even while it too includes the ego self and its failings. Anquentte is your wiser self and 'Jen & I' is the integrated Self. You are in the process of clearing out the ego stuff {Individuation}. It requires less to get to that place in life than you thought. You are incorporating all aspects of the psyche into this personal growth process and you are half way there.

    The farm is the true self. The tigers are your feminine powers within the psyche. Possibly the wise Self and the two lesser aspects of duality. Dennis is the masculine and is being integrated into the individuated Self. This is where you find tranqulity and peace.

    Yet the masculine still threatens. It is always wandering about seeking the possibilities of weakness.You are trying to walk the center path. You look to your wise self to control these masculine instincts/asepcts. Subconsciously you want to lock this unwanted masculine aspect out.

    But there is new aspects within that are different from the old perspectives. These younger integrated aspects are communicating to you. These new aspects are becoming the main focus of your life. But there is still the social dragon that lurks about.

    Your masculine self is slow to respond. The aggressive female {the tiger as masculine/feminine aspect}confronts the masculine.

    The mythical aspect is the ceremonial aspect that one must undergo {as in the rituals of myth}. It is the dance of integration with the fminine in the lead. Wholeness.

    But when the dance stops there is that one last obstacle to overcome. Submission to social duty.

    Look forward to your thoughts on the interpretation.


    Re: Dancing tiger

    Hi Gerard,

    Good golly! I must have been in a negative frame of mind when I interpreted this dream. Yes, your interpretation is excellent. Social contamination is a vexation. Social duty conflict – do not want to submit. The idealist inside wants a revolution against the status quo. My (negative) interpretation focused on youthful inappropriate indulgence hindering tranquility and peace as a ‘battle of wills’. A wrongful accusatory attitude of the masculine with a weak feminine actually responsible resulting in an unbalanced psyche.

    All in all the only issue that might be different is the interpretation of the 10 & 50. I feel a tenth of the way into the journey with half being the point where the tranquil peace may begin to be experienced. A ways to go but as you stated, it's the journey not the destination.

    Regarding the Shadow, being Japanese is nearly as guilt ridden as I imagine being a Catholic would be. (Madeline is a recovering Catholic & we both often say we're our own worst critics.) The Japanese inside sometimes focuses on the dark inner self attempting to suppress it from surfacing to the external. Read the new Shadow page. Will work with it to get it assmilated.

    Rock on Gerard! You’ve been an immense help. The second dream is now much clearer.

    My sincere apologies for the numerous questions of late. I plead slow learner - ‘Mercury in Cancer learns at an unconscious level so it takes a while for things to sink in’. Eventually, it will sink in.

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us and for your patience.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

    Re: Dancing tiger

    You can never ask too many questions. If everyone would be as open and free about suppying personal information that may be related to the posted dream the more likely we can come up with an approperiate interpretation to the dream. As in your dream post and my interpretation, I can get close to the possible message but when the dreamer has a keen mind and some understanding of how dreams function they can fill in the blanks with the actual content. You have succeeded in doing that. I have merely assisted you.

    As I have stated I can only see within the perimeters of a dream whereas the dreamer knows the actual content, if not consciously then unconsciously. So ask away and never feel you are asking too many questions.

    Many thanks for your detailed questions, posts and replies. You make it easier and quite honestly more enjoyable helping you to interpret your dreams.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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