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Questions re: Dancing Tiger

Dream interpretation questions:
1. How much detail is too much? Is an outline rather than everything I recall, sufficient to get an accurate interpretation?
2. Many times on ‘significant’ dreams I encounter a block interpreting the end, the solution. Is it Ego interference? If so, is there a method to test the interpretation other than ‘feeling’ if it fits or not?

Dancing Tiger:
1. Why do I look to the Shadow to control the instinct, get it ‘back into the cage’? The instinct IS the Shadow, it won’t police itself.
2. I believe Amanda & Dustin represent myself & ex husband Bob in our youth. Does this reference the sexual and/or emotional 'baggage' of my past marriage?
3. What is the significance of Isaiah to the dream? I’ve not know anyone named Isaiah in waking life.
4. What does the ritual dance symbolize? So far all I get is moving thruogh the stages of life.
5. In relation to the path this is an issue that requires quelching to move further toward finding my Bliss. It's distracting. And partially responsible for the sleep disturbances (from a prior dream).

Again, whenever you have time. This is not an urgent priority.

Many thanks,

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Re: Questions re: Dancing Tiger

As for your questions about the last dream you posted. The more details you provide the better the interpretation. Not so much on the personal level that you can understand but as to the qualities that each person/thing may represent as a part of you. For instance, the younger women {Amy & Allison} in your dream would represent younger parts of you, the actions you may have taken when you were younger, in your 20s. Nancy being your older and wiser sister would be that wise self within. Jeremiah would be the integrated masculine. But because he is black he represents the ongoing struggle within the unconscious. Each persom symbolizes some aspect of yourself, conscious and/or unconscious.

The end of the dream is often where you are in your present life. Just with the tiger dream, submission to social duty while still consciously traveling heroine path, is the present condition of your life. I must say that the ending of your dream could very well be an ending of many of your dreams since the social drago is a constant in all our lives, no matter how individuated one may be.

Read my new page on the Shadow. See if it doesn't answer your questions about this aspect of the psyche.

As for Amanda & Dustin in your dream. The last part of your dream is confronting the realities of the waking life as stated in my interpretation. This is the collective life. The tiger performing fellatio could very well be in reference the sexual and/or emotional 'baggage' of my past marriage. This is the personal aspect that only you can discern.

Isaiah is the unconscious intergation of the masculine. It often takes a lifetime to fully achieve this task. But again it is the joureny that is important more so than the destination.

Individuation is a ritual that must be undertaken to achieve that ultimate wonderland. The dance is the mythical and universal indivduated life, the dance of life. Campbell so eloquently speaks of this in many of his books and writtings.

Campbell stated in one of his last interviews before his detah that the social dragon is so ferocious in its demands on the individual life that even he had problems with it. And Campbell was at the highest rungs of Individuation {as was Jung} So if Campbell experienced the trememndous demands that social duty place on us, it must be a strong force indeed. In his earliest years there was not such demands as there is today. Life is much more compliacted and reliant on society {making ends meet, relationships, materialistic ideas, are so demanding on us, more so than previous generations} than it has ever been. You can not completely get away from it.

I hope this answers some of your questions. The part of the shadow is hard to determine since it involves so many personal issues that only you are aware of. I wouldn't look at all dark images in dreams as being symbolic of the shadow. They are more on the fringes as they are directly confronting that aspect of the psyche.


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