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Controlling and reccurence of a building

Hi, this is a dream I had a few nights ago, I'll write as much as i can remember, and i think i dreamed it beacsue of an idea a friend told me about how he can control his dreams so he can end up naked and not be worried abou it (that is just an example)

I'm walking along the shops in my local area and suddenly i turn to my friend and say "Hey, i just realised i'm dreaming, so now i can control it" and she says " Oh well done al, what do you want to do then?" I reply i want to shop, and we go into the nearest shop and it has everything i want to buy (this bit is blurry)

After we have shopped, we leave the road and i say " i want us all the fly now" so we walk along the road, start running, and suddenly me and 4 of my closest school friends are flying, and i cannot believe my good luck at being able to choose to fly and i fcan feel the wind roaring past my ears, and the daylight turns to darkness and as i look down on my local area i can see loads of lights, but i know its not my town becuase there are skyscrapers (like you get in new york)which are so high. We conveniantly land on a rock off to our right which is sitting on a sort of mountain that continues to climp upward with perfect green grass. When this happens, its suddenly daylight, but we are flying again - well hovering - and we fly past an edwardian ( i think) house which is the same one i have had a dream about before, only last time i was inside looking OUT the window that i now look INTO as we fly past - the building is covered in ivy and seems more of a mansion. The bit we fly past is only narrow, but i seem to knwo about the rest of the house. I then fly into my school and start to walk home, only it takes me about 10 seconds instead of the usual 25 minutes, and when i get in a I feel an overwhelming sense of tiredness in my arms. I go up to my room and pass various couples on the stair which consist of my friends and their partners. I get up to my room and everythign seems to be slightly too in focus, like a sharp image on a tv screen. I see a couple in my bed, and try to shoo them out but my arms are aching and i start to feel like i'm going to cry. I shout at them and they stumble out, and i flop into bed. I have to drag my arms with me, and i slip them under the pillow, under my head and start to close my eyes.

I woke up in literally "the blink of an eye" and my arms were under my pillows, presumably for long time becuase they had pins and needles to the point of numbness, which i often get in one arm if i sleep on it but never in two before.

Is my conscious starting to play a part in ym dreams, or is my subconscious jsut tricking me into thinking this?

Thanks for any help,

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Re: Controlling and reccurence of a building

Dreams of flying are quite common. In what context the meaning of such dreams represent vary and could have different possible meanings. I suggest you read these Dream Dictionary meanings to help you determine which best fits your dream.

Also I sense you are wanting to learn more about lucid dreaming. I am not a convert of lucid dreaming so the link above will provide you with a better understanding of this aspect of dreams.

As for the meaning of this dream? Perhaps one of the possbilities is not to 'above yourself' and stay grounded to reality. Control what you can in your life but don't expect luck to always be on your side. You make your own luck, good and bad.


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