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Why Is It...

That we can feel pain in dreams? For example, I had a dream one time that my ankle was basically cut off, it was just hanging by some skin (Interpretation?) and when I awoke, my leg was really hurting.

It is also odd how we can hear things. The brain is a powerful and fascinating thing. Along with hearing, people will say that sometimes, the real world will add in with their dreams. Like if a cat is hitting you, in your dream a bee is stinging you. Or if a mom is telling you to get up, someone in the dream will say it or you'll hear it like an echo.

I swear that when you dream, you somehow travel to another demention. One that defies the laws of physics and Earthly matter. One day, I hope they invent a device that will record your dreams, so in the morning, you can watch what went on inside your head. I know I'd be tossing a few of those out!

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Re: Why Is It...

Ankles often symbolize flexibility. They are also the joints that connect our feet, the foundations that we stand on, to the rest of our body. Perhaps too many grandure in our expectations can leave you hanging by a thread/skin.
As for feeling the pain when you awoke. You can feel such pain from such dreams. Often the dream reflects actual real life conditions. One of a series of dreams I had that was a real turning point in my life involved a dream that showed injury to my left leg. Indeed I had such an injury later that day, although minor. But the dream was more about my psychology and less about percognition.

The other dimension is the inner world. It can be a very mysterious place. But that place is all about you and your life. The mystery is the mystery within. The more you know and learn about yourself, the less the mystery.

Mythology is a good source to understanding those mysteries. They provide clues to your own mysteries.


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