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Ex's house. Painting on the wall.

I dreamt that I was living in a house which was ine in the dream (but did not represent the one that I live in). There was a glass conservatory attached to my left. A woman who represented a friend (but was not anyone I recognised in waking life) came round and stood in the conservatory talking to me, telling me that she and her friend had decided to split their chores (she was meant to be my house cleaner/gardener) and that she would do the entire job at my house (as she and her friend, had apparently worked together on projectsbeofre, but were now working individually at various properties).

I am then looking at a picture on the wall. In the background I can see a Georgian house on the street, attached to another, painted pink. I think it is my ex's house (although it is not as in real life, he lives in a 160'/70's style house).

The image is obscured by something/someone in the foreground and the whole picture is not visible as I can only see most of the house, but not all of it, just mostly the left hand side.

The scene ten skips to the interior of what is meant to be my ex's house. Someone says that it is 'her and her kids house' meaning my ex's girlfriend and her 2 daughters.

I see a large painting on the wall. It depicts a rural scene. It is green, but very amateur. The scene is riven by a stream that passes from near the top of the picture (the skyline is visible) and which continues down to the bottom of the picture.

It is a very narrow stream and appears out of scale in some way as although shallow the sides appear to be made of exposed rock and steep, despite being surrrounded by green grass.

On th left of the stream I see a picture of what is meant to be my son, facing to the right of the picture. His image is blurred and a sort of beige/brown colour. On the same side I also see a picture of an astronaut (, but the tonal quality is different to that of the rest of the picture, as although painted in fine colour lines, iot looks like a picture from a magazine. On the right of the stream, i am aware that there is another picture of my son, but cannot recall any detail.

The picture is very amateur and I am aware that somehow my exs girlfriend thinks that this is a very good picture, when it is not. It looks cheap and is indicative of her pretending to be above her station when it appears to be just tacky and inferior.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39, UK

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Re: Ex's house. Painting on the wall.

Let's look at the house.
The house that is yours but not representative of the one you live may be exactly that in the dream; some part of you that does not represent who you really are or who you believe yourself to be.

Some unfmailiar feminine aspect having to do with growth {conservatory} is wanting to work to help you in this growth. The other
friend probably repersents other parts that are working individually of this part that wants you to grow.

Looking at the picture on the wall may be looking at
aspects of yourself and the barriers that prevent growth. The Georgian house colored pink that you think is your ex's may indicate perhaps a need to see him in less of an angry/confrontational mold {pink is a lighter shade of red, anger/confrontation?}.

There is something, probably other aspects having to do with the lack/need of growth that is obscuring your view of how to do this {new way of looking at/approaching ex}. Taking the left hand path is to be your true self and not the person with the anger.

You look inside {interior} yourself. You see yourself in the past, not belonging to those things that have caused you pain and conflict.

The large painting on the wall of the rural scene painted by an amateur {amateurs are new at what they do} is something new about yourself that still has barriers. This is still outside of who you want/should be {rural}. It affects who you are from top to bottom.

The steram is an emotional aspect that is out of scale with the rest of you {perhaps that need to be less angry/confrontational}. But there are still those hardeened emotions, yet they are surrounded by the desire to be less angry/confrontational.

The barriers have to do with your son/inner masculine aspects. There are two attitudes to this situation you can take. There is a need for a new pilot that takes true inner self outside. There you will find that new masculine aspect.

The ex's girfriend is an aspect of yourself {friend to yourself, perhaps exemplifing those qualities of your ex's girlfriend}. That part of you is tacky and inferior. This is not who you want to be.

I think the dream as I interpreted it is plain to understand. The angry/confrontation attitude is not who you need/want to be. Anger only makes it worse and the new aspect that is present {we have discussed this in the past dreams} is wanting to have those barriers removed so you can indeed be that person who grows, the greener self.

What are your impressions? Are you trying to soften your tone and attitudes?


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: Ex's house. Painting on the wall.

Hi Gerard

With regard to anger - yes I am endeavouring NOT to react adversely,although it matters not what my reaction is to my ex, as to appear nonchalant/ndifferent/upset/angry makes no difference to him as he turns the thumb screwsno matter what. Remember - he holds my son to ransom and as a sadist will take it to the limitregardless of what my response is.

I have been asked to do a presentation at a symposium on domestic violence and mental health in pregnancy which will be attended by psychiatrists, midwives, obstetricians etc. All of the other speakers will be looking at DV and pregnancy in a the medical context. i will be addressing DV in a legal context and explaining how early intervention is imperative and that this does not just mean medical - but practical i.e. legal.

I will endeavour to enlighten the delegates with regard to the legal systems approach to DV i.e. that it condones it and refuses to protect women and children form the abuser. This will not be polemic in tone, but more about 'broadening perspectives' as the medical profession remain ignorant of the full context of DV and do not understand that that itis the CAUSATIVE factors (i.e. the abuser and the legal system) that need addressing and that if this is acknowledged the symptoms (i.e. depression and physical harm as a result of continued abuse) may diminish or be eradicated altogether.

The current system places a sticking plaster over a septic wound, seeking to mask the symptoms,
when if the infection was treated (i.e. the CAUSE) then it would heal quickly.

I will cite legal precedents and other documentation/rsearch, but willnot allude to my own

This,as you can see - is not an aggressive stance - it is a productive endeavour that seeks to enlighten/educate and hopefully initiate/catalyse legal reform. Until thereis legal reform, women and their children will continue to be abused.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 39, UK

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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