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Egypt & aliens

Read your post so whenever you have time. Again, a lengthy dream, again, my apologies. The good news is I believe all but one symbol is clear. Included the character map, entire dream and abbreviated, essentials only, interpretation below each paragraph.

The characters – none are familiars in waking life except Mrs ?:
Both scientists/archeologists – one older 60’s, one 50’s, in the dream don’t know their names. Brainiacs, driven, good-natured, gentle
College kid – easily distracted, likes to talk
Jacket man –slimy personality, one look & I know this one’s trouble
Mrs ?- Character Mrs. Forman from That 70’s Show, loving with strong inner character

Just arrived in Egyptian city to meet two men, scientists/archeologists. Called me to help them. Meet them & walking city street, large stand stone buildings, and pyramid very close in the desert. They thank me for coming. Reply was already in Egypt to work on my studies so it wasn’t a long trip. Telling me what they are working on & how they hope I can help, how my work can help, them prove their theory. One tells me a term was coined from the other’s work, use of it, became widely known and used. (forget the exact word, either psychiatry, psychic, or psychiatric) The other man modestly explains it was not him but rather the use adaptation of the scientific community itself in using his theory & it becoming the definition. Still talking, so glad I’m adventurous, if not had taken the chance, wouldn’t be here in Egypt now. Looking up, arms raised in joy, laughingly yell I love Egypt. We’re all laughing & smiling. Then sadness overcomes me. Concerned they ask why. Because I already know someday I must leave this place that I love to return home (America) and feeling sadness of that time of leaving. Continue walking, brighter mood now, here now so will enjoy while I can.

(Describes the journey, the search, & the inner self – a mysterious place of adventure. Scientists are male aspects looking to the feminine for support in self work. Real emotion, happiness & joy in the search, the adventure. But feminine knows hard work ahead so sadness is a part of it on self realization of ‘lesser’ qualities. Make use of the time & keep working while you can.)

With the older scientist, at a small grocery store/market, I’m stocking shelves. Two other young men stocking shelves too. Older man is the cashier behind the counter They’re talking about how they got to be there. One of the young men says was given a grant by mistake. Application for college got mixed up somehow so he got a grant & the job in addition, so they’re paying him to go to college rather than him paying for school. I’m still stocking, listening, thinking get to work so we can get out of here for the day. The Dr. is reading a list of things we need to get done. Reads first item, young man says she did it, reads second item, she already did it, reads third item (stock cigarettes?), I’m just finishing that one up. Deciding if should cut tape & break down or keep intact, need boxes for moving. Decide. Cutting tape on empty boxes & folding. Having trouble breaking box down because of the dividers inside & need to step on the bottom to hold it together so I can fold it in half. Tell them I’m just about finished with this & they cross it off the list. Reads the next item. I tell young slacker he can get started on it while I finish with these cartons.

(The work and knowledge are at no cost to the Self rather paying myself with the knowledge gained. An unexpected bonus of sorts. Stocking shelves is learning, storing & increasing knowledge base. List - work in logical order. Some work completed with much more to go. Move to next step, work on disassembling the conscious Ego by removing the bonds holding it together and collapse. Dividers are the inner barriers to breaking down Ego.

Not sure of the symbolism here ”need to step on the bottom to hold it together so I can fold it in half”. See it as embrace the foundation of the true inner Self to collapse & reduce the Ego…?)

Dr. receives a message saying someone is coming for him. Tense. He and the young man are looking into the hall & into storeroom. I pass by behind them, look, see swirling dense fog in storeroom. Imagine/see something there but not sure. I ask who’s coming, doesn’t know, only they’re coming for him. Front door is wide open, I walk to it, look out. See man in bright yellow blazer jacket standing outside. His blazer jacket disappears then instantly another color blazer jacket appears. (don’t remember the 2nd color) Know this is the man. He disappears. Dense fog, wind blowing it around, some clearing, see people walking. A thing/alien grabs a woman & bites her throat. See the jacket man walking toward door. Announcing they came only for certain people so not to be afraid. He’s there to take the dr, won’t hurt him or anybody. Slam door, lock it. Say I just saw the woman being bitten. He says no, mistaken, not bitten. Look to see her & the alien, her throat is not injured. Alien walking her to the space ship. Still think he’s trying to trick me. Tell them the man is here to take the dr. They run over to see him. (Glass window in door). Jacket man says he’s there only for the dr & if dr goes with him I’ll be safe. Dr begins unlocking door, I say no cant’ do that, cant go with him, dangerous. Dr- looks me in eyes, I have to go, if I go you’ll be safe, won’t hurt you. Me-can’t sacrifice yourself for me. Says must. Ask him if he wants me to give his wife a message, anything he wants her to know? Yes, tell her I’ve never needed her more than right now. More then ever before. (Expected him to say tell her I love her). He opens door, him sad with head down, I cry. Walks outside, Jacket man walks him up a gang plank into a space ship. I see the back of the Dr’s head has changed to a blue ‘brain’.

I turn, the young man is now a very tall, thin dark haired man. Says he’s going to go get something walking into storeroom. I know he’s an alien. Picture him in the next room designing & making my ‘brain controller’. Unlock & open door saying Know who you are and you can f*** off. (Derision & sarcasm) Walk outside as he returns to room. See dr’s wife walking with their little dog up gang plank. Disappears inside. Run after her. On elevated walkway/people queue, walking on left side, looking down empty walled queue rows. See her. Loudly say Mrs ?. She sees me, afraid & runs, then running down stairs. Running ahead, repeated calling Mrs ? it’s kathy. Jump down, stopping her on the stairs. Mrs ? it’s kathy, I’ve been looking for you. The aliens took your husband. Says I know, I’m looking for him. Me-told me to tell you & give her the message. Tell her it’s dangerous, she shouldn’t be here. She doesn’t care, must find her husband. You have to go, I’ll find him. No, you’re the reason he’s here. Aliens leading her away. Alien softly asks me to leave. Me-No, want to go with Mrs? To make sure she’s ok. Alien-Can’t go. She’s fine, we're here to help. Begins walking me out.

(These last two paragraphs describe the inner conflict, distrust, suspicion in working with the masculine and to assimilate the intelligent masculine. Reassurance it’ll be safe and painless, an act of self love. The masculine needs the feminine to open up & work with the masculine.)

Many thanks,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

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Re: Egypt & aliens

Some of my random thoughts to your dream and critique of the dream.

walking city street, large stand stone buildings, and pyramid very close in the desert
The search for the true self. Pyramids often represent the higher aspects of the self.
Since these male scientists and the term that is coined that you can not remember, perhaps this is related to the search from your Jungian point of view. And the term that was coined was psyche. Jung has become more widely known and used today. 90's television programming was deep into Jung. Northern Exposure was one of them. And how many times did you hear Wilson of Home Improvemnent mention Jungian ideas if not Jung himself?

The second paragraph of the dream seems to be addressing some personal issues. With the talk of collge, jobs and stocking the shelves {stocking your life's ambitions} I sense this part has something to do with that aspect of your life. And then there is the 'cutting the tape and breaking it down' or 'letting it unfold'. This may have to do with the decisions of either going along with the system or letting your life unfold to its fullest. Some masculine aspect has been the slacker in this endeavor.

Stepping on the bottom and the dividers inside. The foundations of your true self and those things that divide you from achieving that Self?

Your summary of the last two paragraphs seems to be right on. The inner conflict. And assimilating the intelligent masculine is a wonderful discription of what we should expect from this powerful aspect. When the feminine is included rightfully into the equation it not only produces balance {the purpose of Individuation} but a common thread of intelligent masculine awareness. When they work together in harmony then the waking life is harmoneous also.

Your thoughts?


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: Egypt & aliens


Both Jung & Psyche make sense. The Egyptian setting, and the Jungian reference, may be a result of reading spill over into the dream. Try to read a bit everyday, including Jung and have been researching different cultural goddesses including Greek, Roman & Egyptian. Perhaps this references the search for the archetype.

Yes, now I see it. Recent thoughts about college next year as I am earning an education award with my current job. Although the thoughts keep revolving around knowing structured academia was never a strong point with me. Many past issues with cookie cutter education models. Perhaps this describes going along with the system in choosing a future direction where the slacker masculine attempts to exert influence in the banal social direction rather than moving along the path as it unfolds. May also reference looking outside the box? in researching different avenues. Was looking at the typical course work rather than atypical. Atypical would be a much better fit. The slacker probably also references lack of discipline in general lately. Great insight!

There are dividers to achieving the true Self. Looks like this is setting the stage for the last two paragraphs? Hey – look! This is a “divider” then goes into detail about the inner conflict and reassurances? With the first paragraph presenting the intelligent masculine as inviting, gentle, fun, caring and non-threatening- all positive traits. Attributes not (sub)consciously associated with the masculine.

Possibly a modicum of progress today working with the intelligent masculine. A test. As an exercise this morning thought about what exactly is intelligent masculine and who, by example, would be a good model? A friend and former coworker came to mind. Have always respected his rational intelligence, devoid of emotion in decision making. I attempted to ‘think’ like Jim and believe it went well. Stayed on track with plans and accomplished everything that was set out to do today. Will work on keeping Jim’s ‘rational mind’ in mind as an example and evaluate the results.

RE: Northern Exposure - haven't thought about that show for a while. Favourite episode- the cow catapult

Your learned assistance is appreciated.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 43 Central OH

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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