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Man and His Symbols - The Jungian Bible

All true Jungians know of Jung's Man and His Symbols. The link is a page I designed that gives a synopsis of this great work . This is a book that really explians os much to do with the psyche and dreams. After reading it sometime in the mid-90s, I really began to realize the importance of understanding dreamsand the psyche, and a need to explore it as far as I possibly could for the sake of my personal growth. If you have not read it do so. If you get lost somewhere in it {I found this to be one of his easier reads} then go back over it. Consult Campbell's works, especially his The Portable Jung for help. Of course that book {or better yet the audio book} is 650 pages of reading, and rereading.

get use to it, this is serious stuff. and often very'deep'.

I have collected and studied nearly 100 audio books of various writers having to do with the psyche. Most are from Campbell, several from Jung. Marion Woodman, Elaine Pagels, Jean Houston are great women of wisdom. Woodman's audio book 'Dreams: Language of the Soul' takes enlightenment to the next level. This is a great way to study, audio books. You can rewind and listen again to what was said. Soon you get it, ah! ha!. It was there all along but it takes discipline to stay focused. And to true gnosis will take discipline.

A few books that should be a part of a good Jungian education are:
Myths to Live By by Joseph Campbell

C G Jung: Dreams by RFC Hull

Dreams Theatres of the Soul by Jean Benedict Raffa
This last book is for empowering women through Jungian Dream Work. It is a very good book and only 200 pages.


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Re: Man and His Symbols - The Jungian Bible

Hi Gerard,
The books you are recommending are indeed excellent. Most of what you posted here were my reads throughout my journey inward. A book you might find interesting is one by P.W. Martin called Experiment In Depth. It goes deeply into the work of Jung, Eliot and Toynbee.
You won't be disappointed with this book.
While I'm here, I would like to clarify that some of my journey inward I was helped by a few therapists. Any journey inward has it's danger spots, so it's important to have someone more knowledgeable to guide you outward as well. My dream life has always been vivid, but during that time they were incredibly powerful. For a period of time I had to train myself to wake up after each dream at night and write it down. The powerful ones that wake a person up, scared to death and rigid, are easy. It's the other ones that I was training for. Ultimately, there has to be a goal. Once there is the journey, in and out, healing old hurts, changing what needs changing (seeing what our choices are)implementing the choices
and so on. This takes years, of course, but the goal is a transparency of the person and their psyche. By that I mean, there are no more hidden motives, nothing in the unconscious that is unknown.
Well, I wrote more than I intended. Maybe this should have been an e mail.
Anyway, I've just got to say that what you're doing here is wonderful. Keep it up!

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