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Hi guys
I had an interesting dream last night. I was in a crowd with whom I was familiar. Suddenly i started to see them as double. One was apparantly themselves and the others were their shadows-transparant. I thought to myself that it was enough to take things for granted and it was the right time to fight so I painted a few people and my face in red as Red Indians do and I was ready to fight.

When I woke up I felt very relaxed and I am still relaxed.

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Re: musti

I can see why you felt relaxed when you woke up.
The people in the crowd are known to you as they represent the different aspects of yourself. As they duplicated, it showed you that we all have the conscious and the sub-conscious mind from which we operate. Perhaps the shadow side of the people represented the sub-conscious, as it's not as obvious as the conscious.
I'm not really sure why you were ready to fight. Perhaps you are ready to defend what you know is right and true.
Does this interpretation feel right to you?

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