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snake made love to me

I have had the strangest and most healing dream ever last night. I hav always had a phobia of snakes and have repeatedly dreamt of being in a room (bedroom sometimes) where snakes are coming in through all kinds of holes. but last night, i had a healing dream with a very intelligent and friendly snake. there was initially a snake charmer around to handle the snake and i had my first contact with teh snake - he coiled around me and although i was scared, i stayed and let it coil around me. then my second contact with the snake came without hte presence of the snake charmer. the snake approached me and started coiling around me - touching me in ticklish places and cradling my head with its body. then it reached down suddenly and unexpectedly into my underwear and rubbed my genitals. i was wholly aroused and relaxed surprisingly..... there was no way i could run anyway cos i am afraid the snake could bite me. perhaps the fear and uncertainty added some sort of arousal to this experience. what do you make of this dream, Gerad?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 32. Canada

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Re: snake made love to me

Since you stated in your post that this was a healing dream then perhaps all you need to do is to look at your waking life and see what aspects have had a 'healing' there. Snakes often have sexual conotations and in your dream there is that sexual content. Perhaps you recently have had a 'healing' in some attitudes you once held as tatoo. The snake charmer may be important to revealing what aspects that have recently undergone a healing transformation.

But there is always the posibility the snakes represents something else. The snake charmer could represent a defense mechanism that you needed to protect yourself from someone or something. Once you overcame the fear or obstruction of the aspect that needed healing you no longer needed the defense mechanism.
Hyper-Dictionary offers these insights that may help:

It was an early and universal opinion that the most venomous reptiles could be made harmless by certain charms or by sweet sounds.

Perhaps there was something in your life that was seen as venomous but has recently disappeared thus providing a healing from having to confront it.

Let me know your thoughts to my interpretation and perhaps we can gain further insights to the possibilities.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: snakes

Dear Gerard
That was a very insightful interpretation. I'm impressed. you are right about looking at my waking life to see the significance of the healing. It has to do with me forgiving myself in things I did not confront myself with in the past. So the healing came when I consciously went back to the past and pried myself loose from the past. THen I could move on. I think this lack of forgiveness was preventing me from experiencing intimacy on a sexual level.
I am really amazed by the dream symbols that our subconscious throws out. They are so amazingly and incredibly meaningful. I have always been a scientist at heart and never believed in such things but right now, I am living my waking life and listening to my intuition a lot more. Thanks GErard for the interpretation.

Re: snake made love to me

Thank you for the compliment about the interpretation. I would like to think I have some special abilities when it comes to dreams but must confess the primary source to my insights are the Jungian philosophies which were developed over his lifetime of exploring dreams and the psyche. Time and time again I find his approach to dreams, which is primarily scientific, are correct. My past 13 years of studying his works {with much credit to Joseph Campbell for his articulation of the basic concepts of Jungian thought} have induced a natural connection to my intuitive senses that help me see into dream symbols and metaphors. Anyone with a developed intuitive mind who will study Jungian concepts will be able to do the same.

You will notice I tried to cover all the bases to the possible interpretations. Whereas I can often see into the perimeters of the dream motif the actual experiences/emotions that the dream is addressing can only be known by the dreamer. An intelligent person who has given time to exploring their life will often be able to compare the interpretations to the waking life and see where it may fit. Of course your keen intelligence is readily visible with your response and I am sure with your dedication to the science {facts} any other related issues will be openned up to discovery.
Perhaps your interest in dreams will lead you to investigate their importance to the waking life. I like to think the Forum is a good place to learn more about dreams, the psyche and self discovery. Like myself you look to the science for verification and Jung did also. But the mystery is also something that Jung addressed and in a way that makes so much since to the intuitive mind. Beyond that it is truly an interesting subject to explore. And the benefits of exploring the inner life is most rewarding.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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