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dog bite

Dreamt i was in a big house at a party and there was a few friends around, my sister was there as well, this dog walks into the room and my sister says to me its ok its a friendly dog, so i put my hand out and it grips on to it and digs its teeth deep and it locks on to my hand and wont let go, i can hear myself screaming as it hurts, and im whimpering and its almost like its real and as im sleeping im thinking to myself can my husband hear me crying?
I have had this same dream twice, and both times it has been when i have slept over at my sisters new house, so i had been drinking, gone to bed a little drunk, and i usually dont drink.

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Re: dog bite

Look at the possibility that the dog has some relationship to your attitudes toward your sister. Also look to the possibility that it ahs to do with some attitude towards with your husband since in the dream you state 'im thinking to myself can my husband hear me crying?'

The house and the party could very well have to do with the good time you were having at your sister's, partaking of drink and feeling good. But it may very well represent your normal state of character and the dog incident deviates from that wholesome attitude.
The dog is central to understanding what thing turned on you and bite you. And I believe that may be the message of the dream, something or someone who you thought of as friendly turns on you and bites you. It could even be an attitude you possess that comes back to bite you. Take a look at the dream dictionary possibilities to help determine what the dog may symbolize.

The last statement about your husband probably has real meaning. Often the last part of a dream offers solutions or possibilities to the negative aspects of the dream content. Is there any attitude on your part towards your husband that would make you feel he has turned on you, especially since you have offered him your 'hand'?

Let me know if any of this hits home and we can go from there.


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Re: dog bite

because I have had the same exact dream twice,both times at my sisters was the puzzling part for me.
When you said it was a bit different to my wholesome image,you were correct,I do not normally drink,so I was not myself..( or was I ? ).
When i said can my husband hear me crying,I meant because it seemed so real and he was sleeping next to me, I thought that maybe he could hear what I was going throug.
I have a great relationship with my sister,but then again,maybe i don't ? I am not sure, one thing I am sure of, both times it seemed so real that the dog was biting me,that i thought I was going to have wounds on me..I could even feel the saliva of the dogs mouth on my hand ??

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 35 Australia

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