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I have been with a woman for 5 years now and we have a 3 year old son together. I have had several dreams on this subject lately but the most recent one is troubling me the most. In the dream I go to the house of a female friend who I have known for a few years now and am atrracted to. When I get to her house we sit down and talk to each other and then go to watch a movie in her living room. During the movie I stretch out to relax on the couch and she lays back into my arms. Then she looks at me and says, "Did you ever have something you wanted to say but don't know how to say it?" and then she proceeds to tell me that she loves me. After which we make love to each other. then the dream ends.

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Re: adultery

Such dreams often are addressing inner aspects of the psyche having to do with your feminine qualities. Unless there is some other woman in your life, or a desire for another woman, then the dream is probably doing just that {see Anima/Animu in left column of page}. The desire may be totally unconscious which may indicate some deeper need for feminine comfort that may not had been given to you as a child/youth.

As far as the inner aspects of the psyche the dream is trying to direct your attention to those feminine qualities within that you are attracted to, or should be attracted to. This could involve earlier experiences in life having to do with other females, your mother as an example. This aspect would be a positive quality that you have not used as often as you should {house of a female friend} but you may have wanted to {known for years and am atrracted to}. Your statement of the dream "Did you ever have something you wanted to say but don't know how to say it?" gives me the impression that the dream is addressing the past where you may not have been able to talk to some female in your life, again your mother as an example. Or it could merely be addressing those feminine traits within your psyche that you have not utilized as you should.

The best way to determine which it may be is to look back to the past and detremine if there was an experience where you feel you should have been able to communicate with a female and did not {such as your mother}. I know it seems very strange if the case is your mother that you have sex with her but having sex itself is a metaphor for uniting opposites and not actually the sexual act itself. You may have that need to properly express yourself, and her to you, those feelings of love. If it is the inner feminien aspects that you need to acknowledge and communicate with look at the Anima/Animus page and determine what feminine qualioties you have neglected and now wish to communicate with. Again it is a positive qualitiy which will benefit you no maatter which aspect of your life the dream is addressing.

Let me know your thoughts to my interpretation and perhaps we can gain further insights from your response.


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