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shamans cave

the other day,i was reading an article on,the approach to the innermost cave,the realm of the ordeal,in the hero journey .
my dreams of late have been about this realm,and making me aware of where i am.
the dream i had was this,
i am looking at a map,covered in icons,
they are similar to the shortcut icons on a computer desktop.
one icon in particular calls me,
it says,the shamans cave.
i touch it with my finger and i am immediatley transported to the very place,a shamans cave.
i watch as bruce campbell(evil dead movies)kills three feroscious mutant dobermans (resident evil ).
there is one feroscious dog left,bigger than the others,bruce campbell has dissapeared,and its now up to me,i have no weapon,and have resigned myself to the probability of being torn to bits.
i felt that this dream imagery,echoed what i had recently read,if not my own psychological condition,
this imagery,of death and dismemberment ,is a common theme in myth and especially in shamanic culture,and precedes renewal,(death & ressurection motif)
i thought it interesting also, that those numbers were there again,three turning into four,
i would welcome any thoughts.
regards steve

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Re: shamans cave

If there is an identification with the written article to your own waking life then ther must be that true connection. I believe anyone who is cognizant of their hero/heroine journey will be able to compare it to the myths and see the similiaries. The myths denote patterns of behavior and emotional energies and whatever pattern{s} may fit the individual can be found in at least one or more myths. Of course since we all are individuals faced with different scenarios in different ages of history the ourcome depends on the individual. But as in the personality types the basic framework remains the same, only the individual experience changes.
When 3 turns to 4 that is the most positive sign of completion a dream probably can offer up and indicates you are on the right path.


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