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visiting someone with an aquarium. In aquarium was a cylindar made of clear celluloid in which several tropical fish swam. I was worried about how to move it as they were going to be moving it. While I was checking out the aquarium I noticed one of the fish out of the cylindar lying on the bottom. Hoping it wasn't dead I noticed one by one the others falling to the bottom of the tank. Very anxious by now I sought out owner who wasn't terribly concerned. Next I looked and fish are one by one again swimming. Also showing up in the dream was my dead spouse. He often appears in my dreams I expect because we were married so long he is part of me. He had beautiful red hair while in real life it was first light brown and then gray. Our children both have red hair and I don't. Alll I remember.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 72 years Arizona

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Re: Fish

Aquariums are often symbolic of the unconscious and the fish are representative of those qualities and aspects of the true self.
{the true self being able to recognize its fullest potential and live a harmoneous life}
Cylinders, being circular, are also symbolic of the center of the true self. Since the dream is a 'movie' of the individual life perhaps these aspects are clear in the unconscious not so in the waking life.

The dead fish may be one aspect that has not be compeletly acknowledged, still stored in the deep unconscious {on the bottom}. This one aspect is causing the rest of the psyche not to be fully functional as it should. Consciously you may not be giving this one aspect in your life the due consideration it deserves. Regardless it probably causes some anxiety in your life.

With the rest of the dream narative and what I have stated thus far I believe the one thing that the dream is addressing that keeps you from being that whole self is your dead spouse. He is the one fish that has died and causes the rest of you to be at a loss. But one by one, day by day, you pick up the pieces and start your life again. The red hair is what he left with you, two wonderful children.

There may be other things in your life that keeps you from living it to the fullest but I believe your dream is addressing the loss of your beloved husband. Unless there is something drastic other than that loss then the dream message is probably focusing that aspect of your life.

I hope this helps. You can never bring your husband back but you will always have those memories and they represent something that never dies.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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