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Friend Is Kidnapped & Raped

We were in Jordan’s (My friend) back yard. All of a sudden, three boys come up to us and try to drag her away. I try to help but they shoot me with these poisoned spurs. I was paralyzed as they dragged her off. Suddenly, the kidnappers turned into another friend. He shoved her into a van and started to drive away. A girl behind me was drawing on the road with chalk; I grabbed some and wrote down the license plate number. The car turned around. He got out and switched cars, obviously because he saw me writing down the plate number. I quickly wrote down the next one and ran around frantically. For some reason, I wanted the police station number instead of 911. Jordan’s mom comes home and I ask for the number, she pulls out this futuristic phone and hands it to me. Of course, I broke it. So I ran home and dialed 911. I get:
Music was playing in the background of my house.
“Are you listening to Eminem or the Shark Tale soundtrack?”
“What? No! I got the plate number, though!”
“Oh Good!”
I ran outside to get the number from the road where I had previously wrote it down, it had rained and the chalk was washed away. I’m not sure what happened to the 911 operator but I remember all of our neighbors were standing outside. I finally explained it to Jordan’s mom; her face was shocked and blank. Suddenly, the three boys were back behind her house. I yelled:
One of them, the initial kidnapper, walked over and I asked, “What happened?”
“Well, she kicked and screamed and hollered and slapped.”
“As you raped her down?!”
“I. Uh. Well. Yes.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I hoped that she was just raped and not given and STD so I asked, “Was this your first time?”
“Well, the first time for doing that.”
Jordan’s mom’s face was still blank. Suddenly, the rapist starts walking away. No one tried to stop him. So I asked, “Are we just going to let him get away?!” No reply. I woke up.

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Re: Friend Is Kidnapped & Raped

I was thinking....Could the whole me being paralyzed part symbolize troubles in life that I want to stop or help but can't?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 14 Tennessee

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Re: Friend Is Kidnapped & Raped

Hi Aaron,
This could be way off so let me know if & what you feel clicks. Lots of questions, these are intended to invoke thought about the dream to help you get closer to your own meaning within the dream. If nothing I interpreted clicks, what else do you feel about the dream?

Are you experiencing inner discord within your peer group of friends or others? Is there a pronounced demeaning or threatening, even if jokingly, attitude toward girls from one individual? Or do you listen to rap music that demeans & degrades women? soon after Weird, Stephen King Dream’ posts did this dream occur? (This could be related to the conflict there.)

Being paralyzed may indicate your inaction in a situation or as you say something you want to stop or help but feel you can’t, because of outside influences. Contradictory to what you really want to do. Going along with the crowd rather than speaking or acting in accord with your inner self. Writing on the road with chalk may be allowing for the means of expression of the offender. When you ‘speak up’ this person does a turn about and changes method or means, but it’s still the same just in another format.

Not initially calling 911 (life & death) but knowing you need to contact the police may indicate a desire to talk or discuss this situation with a higher authority, perhaps your mother, Jordan’s mother (literally described in the dream) or other person you respect. Breaking the phone may be not trusting in your self to communicate accurately or realistically what you really want to say. Exacting communication is difficult in waking life. Do you expect the dream reaction of Jordan’s mother ‘shocked and blank’ from this person in waking life?

Asked my daughter & her beau about Eminem’s music. (Don’t listen to a lot of rap.) The 411 I have is his music originally was violent, and demeaning towards his ex wife but has since evolved to less violence and more tender, especially towards his daughter. Sound right? If this is correct, then perhaps Eminem in your house, which is you, while you’re on the phone with the police symbolizes both aspects of thought. Did you at some point decide a behaviour is inappropriate?

We yell to get immediate attention and express anger. From Soul Future:
Rape as feeling abused, disrespected, violated or drained at any level of your being, Feeling overpowered, helpless, victimized. (Notice the Jordan character fought against the attacker but to now avail…)

Disease: Inner disharmony, lack of attunement, lack of ease, dis-ease

What was a recent first experience for you lately? Or a new variation of something?

Getting away with something? Who’s getting away with something that nobody, other than you, is willing to prevent or stop?

Hope this helps. If you respond with your thoughts maybe we can look at this again.


"Just because it’s rap doesn’t make it right.”
James Chapmyn

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Re: Friend Is Kidnapped & Raped

Well, this particular friend hasn't spoken to me in a while...Hm, don't know if that helps.

I feel like a lot of society is demeaning towards women. No, I do not listen to rap. 1. Because I find no talent in it. 2. Because it is demeaning and full of vulgar topics and language.

Hmm...I'll post more later when I have thought about it.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 14 Tennessee

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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