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Same dream several years

I hope someone can interpret this dream as I have been having it for the last several years and it always comes 3 nights in a row, then maybe not have the dream for several months. I am always with the same man, I know exactly what he looks like, color or hair and how tall he is and sometimes a name appears in the dream of Michael. We are always together and smiling and laughing but the background of the dream always seems to be chaotic with lots of people. The funny thing is, that no matter how busy the rest of the dream is,. we are happy, or appear to be because we are smiling and laughing and it appears we are always together. I sometimes wonder if this is my guardian angel, spirit guide or because I am single, is this someone I am going to meet.

Hope you can help and THANKS

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Re: Same dream several years

hi,one of the functions of the dream from a jungian point of view,is the compensatory factor,ie,someone who is hungry will dream of a banquet etc,
if it is true that you are single and are indeed hoping for, a relationship,perhaps this dream is highlighting this aspect of your life,
the qualities that the male in your dream holds ,are the real qualities you seek in a partner or what you ought to seek,
the other possibility is, this is the relationship with your inner masculinity,the animus,(michael the arch angel)that the turmoil and upset going on around you,(as shown in the dream)can be aleviated by ,bringing into your conscious life the qualities of this character,this will bring about the hoped for pychological balance which you seek,as would a real relationship with a real person,a marriage of two halves.
the fact that it is a recuring dream suggests that,it is still an unresolved issue!
as with your guardian angel/spirit,(i have learned through reading campbell and jung,that we have to be open to all possibilities,and anything is possible!
a few things to ponder,and i am sure others will help shed light for you.
regards steve.

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Re: Same dream several years

Hi Margaret,
I have found in my own dreaming - that when this repitition happens, it is usually a message from the unconscious to become more aware of the gifts this energy brings to your waking world. Michale is a formidable energy. He's a warrior of a spiritual nature. I wonder if this is an energy you are being asked to acknowledge in your world. Sometimes it helps to look at what's going on in waking life, prior to these dreams. Once I get a pattern figured out, I can see the significance of the dreams.
Do you journal? Do art?
What ever it is for you, it seems like a lovely energy that could be brought into consciousness on a positive level.

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