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Dead body-mine?

my dream started out in a beach, with my two cousins. My female cousin,and my late male cousin.He passed away almost 3yrs ago.We were the only people at the beach, I was naked.All of a sudded a lot of people arrived.My late cousin handed me a towel.[the dream changes]I was outside and I see a dead frozen body on the ground.I carry the body to a grassy area. Then I'm w/ my late cousin talking in a living room ( i think), and I see someone standing in the dark doorway.It was the dead body looking in.The hair was long and messy & the face was decomposing.I looked at it...it was me.

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Re: Dead body-mine?

Your female cousin was symbolic of you, and referencing your real cousin.
The nakedness on the beach may be the sometimes exposed emotions you experience over your male cousin's passing. The people in the dream would be other aspects of you, your psyche, the affected emotions, that as a part of the whole come together when you give thought to him and your grief. Beaches are often symbolic of the border of conscious and unconscious, the ocean being the unconscious. Something like the subconscious level to the unconscious level. Its ready to become conscious, thus the dream. The towel is for the tears.
From Soul Future's dream dictionary for towel:

Toweling yourself off may suggest recovering from an emotional upset

The dead frozen body is in some way symbolic of you, usually to do with the emotions, metaphor of a condition. The natural instinct of the human animal {and other animals} is to carry on. You are carrying on with your life, trying to focus on the positive. The grassy area is that positive aspect, the natural self.

The dream could also be addressing your own inner masculine self, your animus. Perhaps there has been a disabling of some masculine part of you. That would be the frozen body also. Perhaps it needs more help in reaching that grassy area. The dark doorway is the beach, you are looking deep into yourself, and see yourself. This dead part of you is showing itself the conscious mind.

The second part of the interpretation, the deeper aspect is common in older persons, as well as the personal. The same dream in a younger person may be dealing more of the personal emotions more so than the deeper aspects.

But I sense some deep pain, and also a desire to
recover. Is that a fair assumption?

In your dreams you are naked to world, explosing everything. Not necessarily to others,but definitely to yourself. In dreams you see the real self, perhaps your shadow.


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