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Hi, What does rock symbolize in a dream?

I dreamt that I was standing and sitting in a rock at the top.Some known person was also beside me. I was calm and happy seated in the rock and I try to get down and move up in the rock and found some inconvenience and fear when I slips during my movement. But still I continue move often in the same rock and I didn't see any other rocks besides this rock.

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Re: Rocks


Did you by chance use Babel Fish to translate your post?

The rock seems to be the focus of your dream. The top {standing and sitting in a rock at the top is unclear, the translation uses english but not language.

The top may be your thinking self. The known person {do you know such a person?} may be be some known aspect about yourself. If it is someone you really know that can have a bearing on the dream's message.

The calmness/happiness probably is you, a part of who you are, some aspect that possesses these qualities..

The translation again loses much in the biggest part of your dream. But again, the rock seems to be the focus. A rock may symbolize many things. The possibilities include:

From A Dictionary of Dream Symbols - A Jungian, psychology based interpretation

A rock may symbolize permanence or antiquity; the most ancient - unconscious - part of the human mind; the foundations or essence of the self.

From MDS Dream Dictionary

This may be representative of your stability in a certain situation. However, a rock could also be a symbol of difficulties that you need to overcome, depending on the context of the dream.

From Soul Future

Stability, dependability, an anchor, something that is rock solid

Look at these possibilities for rock and determine if one or more applies in your life. The rock is symbolic of something about you. Inconvenience and fear are two things in life you would be aware of. Compare the dream to your waking life.

There may be an obsession with the rock. But it may just be the translation. Moving in and out, the focus on the rock, what could that be?

Gerard +

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Re: Rocks

Hi Gerard, thanks very much for your reply. I did not use any translation utilities. But I guess I'm not that much clear with my post. Actually I dreamt that I was moving across the rock. The rock was not flat. What I am trying to mean is as how the hill would be sloping downwards, similarly the rock was. And in that I was climbing up and down in the same rock and stood sometimes at the final up(top).

Sorry for this bad english but right now I am shortage of words that I remember.

Thanks very much again.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 24

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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