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bulemic sister

My older sister suffers from bulemia/anorexia but choses not to admit to it. She has been wasting away for sometime now and refuses to accept any criticism concerning the way she looks at present, skeletal. I have even tried to tell our mother, but she, too, doesn't care because she things it is a sign of jealousy now that my sister is smaller than me. My dream consisted of my trying, again to get my mother to look at my sister and to see that she is slowly committing suicide. I have shown her how easy it was to toss her around like a rag doll, yet she still turned around and said nothing was wrong. I finally became angry and confronted my mother, who is also a nurse, and told her that I have 32 yrs of nursing experience compaired to her 15yrs and know that my sister is in need of psychiatric help. When she gave me no response, I tried to force food down my sister, only to have her purge it immediately. I finally threw her into a garbage bag and put her out with the trash for pick up since she wasn't going to help herself. That is when I woke up. Please help me to interpret this dream. Thank you.

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Re: bulemic sister

Your dream is most likely addressing the conflicts you are experiencing, not only about your sister but also with your mother. The real concerns you have with your sister's health is a part of the dream. And your mother's insistance that you are jealous is an inner conflict the dream is addressing. The rag doll probably is how you feel you are being treated, your opinions being tossed around like a rag doll.

There is probably a rivilary of sorts between personalities, something that has probably existed between you and your mother for most of your lives {the comparing of nursing experience}. Perhaps the way your mother has treated you in the past has made you feel as if you were the one who is in need of treatment instead of your sister. Has your mother always shown favor to your sister?

You are probably tired of the conflicts between you and your mother and sister {threw her into a garbage bag} as well as the inner conflicts, tired of feeling like the one who has been thrown away all your life. Perhaps these emotions, as much as the conflict of your sister's condition, is what you need to address. You may discover inner relief if you confront your true feelings concerning your life long relatisonhisp with your mother. These unconscious emotions may be holding you back. Confronting your own true emotions about these relationships and putting them into proper perspective may be as much an important part of the dream, and your life, as is the condition of your sister's health.


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