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wierd dream stuff, any insight?

Recently I had one of those wierd dreams that don't quickly fade into obscurity after waking and vex you for days afterwords.

background: I broke it off with my X lover of 4yrs about 3 months ago. I have gone through alot of the typical emotional backlash from these sorts of things, primarily guilt, for feeling like I abondoned someone I care about, resentment for variuos ways I was treated by my X, and dissappoinment in myself for being too stubborn to admit it was over waaaaaay sooner.

The dream takes place pre-breakup. Me and my X are still together, and the setting is grey and over cast, mostly outdoors in suburban areas of anonymous location. Various events occur that exemplified the dispondant, frustratingly ambiguous, and adverse tone that had hallmarked our relationship for the past couple yrs.

After a number of these events, which culminated in a disagreement and my X storming off into our home (a house I have never seen before, with all the windows broken out) and slams the door. I walk over to the curb to cry with frustration.

This is the part that keeps running through my head in my waking hours: as I go sit on the curb, sunlight breaks through the clouds and a silver ribbon floats down from the sky to land in my hand. As it settles I hear an androgynous voice say "You will walk on a silver ribbon" in my head. inscribed on the ribbon is the same message.

I felt instantly more optimistic in the dream and woke up moments later.

On waking I felt a sense of anxiety and confusion that has hoovered at the edges of my consciousness ever since.

What in the world do you suppose this is all about?
It's got the hair on my neck up abit.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 30yrs of age/ SC USA

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Re: wierd dream stuff, any insight?

Thanks so much for the background info. It makes it a lot easier to understand the personal aspects of a dream when something so strong that effects the emotions is known about the dreamer.

The dream starts out with how your life is, and was in the relationship; life is grey and overcast, gloom resides over much of your life. These are mostly due to the outside events {the relationship} that make you feel dispondent, but still with mixed emotions about the relationship {you knew long before it was over that it 'was over'}.

The house you had never seem before symbolizes an aspect about yourself that you have probably never experienced before {the emotions over the failed relationship}. The crying is probaby symbolic of the release, the necessary cleainsing that you must undertake to heal from the breakup.

The sunshine in the clouds is the positive optimism
that you possess within even though you have experienced te breakup of the relationship. There is silver lining to the breakup and being the positive person that you are you instinctively look for that silver lining. Part of it may be the realization that you had no choice but to breakup, the silver lining being you made the right choice, you did what you had to do. And because you have made the roght choice in such a difficult situation unconsciously you know you are capable of getting on with your life and can/will make the right choices as you move forward. That is the real silver lining, the positive mind you possess even in times of trials and dispair.

A Note About My 'Postive' Conclusions
Some may ask how can I put such a positive spin on the dream interpretation. Easy. One the dream points to such a positive conclusion {the silver lining, the sunshine in the clouds}. But most importantly dreams inherently seek to provide positive answers to the conflicts in life. Dreams are about the emotions.
This is one function of dreams, to help sort through all the garbage and find the silver lining. The old saying; 'you feel better after a good night's rest. That's true, because the dream, even while you are asleep is attempting to help sort out the conflicts in life.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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Re: wierd dream stuff, any insight?

Thanx, Gerard.

That's pretty much as I suspected, but it eases my mind to have confirmation.

It's kind of an obvious dream, I guess. It's just that rarely do I have dreams with "the voice" and pointedly symbolic events, like floating ribbons and broken windowed houses. They tend to be pretty strait forward, most of the time. When they aren't, they have a habit of haunting my thoughts, until I can make better sense of them.

I think my anxiety came from a confusion, as to whether I was being encouraged that things would get better with the relationship, or would get better now that the relationship was over. Those mixed emotions you refer to.

The house and the final argument help to clarify that question.

I think it represents my internal conflict about the relationship. In other words, the home we had made together, now unrecognizable to me. My X represents my stubborn ideas that insist I should stay (Storming back in and slamming the door.) Broken windows could be my "view points" on our relationship that had to be broken, in order to get out.

I breath a sigh of relief.

I will book mark you guys. I read through some of the other posts, and am very pleasantly surprised at the genuine warmth and helpful kindness of the interpreters.

Love and blessings,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 30yrs of age/ SC USA

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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