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    Scottish Journeyman

    I see a man enter a village on foot. He is dressed with a buckled leather strap cross-wise across his chest. A green tartan drape is gathered on the right shoulder under the belt. He kneels down at a pool of water, takes off his hat (a straight, wide brimmed almost cowboy type hat but more European flavored) and cleanses his face. I realize I am Scottish in this scenario and that I'm a "journeyman". Next I am in a stream. Floating in the stream are modern things like the skeleton of a rusted old car and a couch. I sense that there is going to be a war and that the enemy will come from the other side of the river since I gaze that way. Strangely, I feel no emotion.

    Now I am up above in the sky and looking down see a large thicket of greenery. There is no road to gauge my travel by, but I know I am going to Greece. Off to the right of me I get a picture, or vision, of the Scottish man on a horse. Together, they are a bloody statue. I hear the words "the journey starts now."

    Thank you, Shelly

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 40, California

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

    Re: Scottish Journeyman

    A lot of the imagery in your dream is probably from personal identification and only you can determine its symbolic meaning, if any {the buckled leather strap, green tartan drape, a straight, wide brimmed almost cowboy type hat but more European flavored, etc.}. Most likely these descriptions are something you are familiar with in your waking life and are used in your dream to address the npersonal aspect of the dream.

    As for your statement, 'I realize I am Scottish', it may be pointing to your roots, those things that make up who you truly are. The journyman part also is addressing something about yourself that is important to to understand. I look at it as the journey in life and the experiences in your life. It also may point to the fact you are aware of your journey {the inner journey}. The stream may be the emotional streams, or even complexes. The war is the conflict you have over certain aspects in your life,
    the rusted car {cars are often symbolic of the dreamer-you are the car} may represent perhaps the material world. The other side of the river may indicate these are unconscious attitudes as much as they are actual waking life conflicts. Looking that way may indicate you are finally looking at these conflicts, as it is needed to be done if you wish you resolve them.

    The sky may be your expanding consciousness of the road/journey you are taking in your life. It is positive but maybe not completely comprehensivible
    {large thicket of greenery}. You have some good idea where you want to go. Personal identication with the term 'Greece' may help provide clues to its meaning. Of course Greece can mean amny things, even to do with metaphysical or spiritual concepts {the and of Gods and Goddesses}.
    Perhaps this is where you journey really needs to start.

    One thing that is evident in your dream is the man aspect. Since you are female this would represent your Animus, some masculine aspect within. The bloody statue, The Scottish man on the horse {horse may symbolize power and energy}, these are mascuoine aspects. Perhaps the dream is addressing those masculine aspects of the inner self that need to be better utilized in your journey. Perhaps the Scottish roots, the masculine Scottish rituals can provide you with direction in your new found journey. Are your masculine aspects as developed as they should be?

    Look at those personal symbols I mentioned and your life in general and see what might fit with my interpretation. Let me know what you come up with and perhaps we can expand on the 'journey' you are undertaking. I get the impression you are probably aware of the fact you are on your inner journey, trying to get back to your roots, your true identity.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

    Re: Re: Scottish Journeyman

    Hi Gerard,

    Thank you for you insights. I thought about "green" as this has always had a healing component for me. I realized that the tartan drape was on the right shoulder (masculine)and that the statue was to the right of my vision (masculine direction again). There must be some sort of healing going on there. For the most part, the dream was in observational mode as when watching the man kneel down, that was when I knew I had been Scottish. It was like viewing a past life. I do have some Scottish ancestry and the next morning I looked up some websites to see if anything matched the Scottish attire I was wearing. Nothing yet... On your suggestion though, I'll look up some information having to do with ritual. Thanks, I would not have thought of that!

    On the psychological level, the rusted car probably does convey how "worn out" I felt/feel at times about a past relationship that I finally ended many months ago. This particular person still called after many months and for the most part I ignored the calls until I finally changed my number so I could heal emotionally. Just seeing the name on my phone brought up old issues that I would then regurgitate. It was frustrating that my wishes to go on were not honored. I would like to share on another post if I may, the dream I had just the night before this one as the symbology seems to tie in.

    It is interesting too that you alluded to "god/goddess" with my reference to Greece. I feel the green thicket makes certain elements of my path an unknown but on my own as I am, it's about trusting the male component within that must need some healing or at least my perspective about males that needs some healing (I don't lump them all together however!), but have no desire right now to share.
    This may be the conflict I sensed in the river and the "war". Sometimes I'm fine alone and God is enough, other times it's hard because I long for companionship but know I have trust issues. I even thought about the belt across the chest (heart). Maybe the green symbology of the drape(instead of wearing black as in mourning) means "I am in a state of healing" and have inner work to do in the relationship area. My assertiveness in moving on is no doubt an element in trusting my own animus since in doing so, I have achieved many goals and they have worked out beautifully and synchronistically - all with lots of trust in guidance and accepting the unknown. The words "the journey starts now", seems a revitalization in the trusting of self and those things I yet want to attain, since in the past I did mourn being disiullsioned. I mourned my innocent view of the world and thus faced unloveableness, low self esteem and a myriad of humanistic issues which indeed are a conflict in light of what one wants to become.

    Writing about it helps to sort the symbology out. Thank you Gerard for this arena and the feed back. Shelly

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 40, California

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

    Re: Scottish Journeyman

    Thanks for the follow-up post. And you made a very important point. Writing and thinking about the dream and the possibilities will help with understanding of the meaning{s}. As I often state, it is the psychology of the dream that produces the understanding, of the dream and the life. Of course that is a given once one begins to accept the psyche as a subject worth investigating. To give quality time to looking into the inner life is so very difficult in today's world of material and ego-centered obsession. But when one does investigate the inner life with due importance there is often that true 'death and resurrection' that is needed to live a harmoneous life. Death to the ego-centered life and a rebirth of the ego that is submissive to the
    spiritual/creative/metaphysical. That is the ultimate journey of the hero/heroine.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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