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    Walking on Water

    I have this recurring theme that has been appearing in my dreams for several years now. I have been unable to stop thinking about it recently and I feel that it holds some key for my life. (Desperately needed, I might add).

    On Nov, 30 of 2003, I heard a voice upon waking that said as if an announcer were speaking of some amazing show or feat: "We have a dancer who dances on the carcass of what we call the water." I remember an image as well. It was the edge of a body of water in a desert. This seemed to have some deep significance for me.

    On September 25, 2004, I dreamed the following dream:
    I am in New York. I am by myself, so I feel a little proud because I have not depended on my friend (who actually lives in New York) for anything. It is a beautiful perfect September Autumn day. I am in a car with some people driving somewhere. I am talking to a friend named John on the phone, but it is a mixture of an estranged friend from years ago and another I met on a solo trip to Mexico. I am telling him how beautiful and perfect it is. He says, well, why don’t you stay? I say, as if I am just realizing something. “Maybe I will.” And I mean it. We are on some steps. Then we are in a car again. I ask the driver if it gets cooler in October or November. He says “Oh, yeah. It gets very cold. Sometimes in November there are certain parts of the water where if you stand on them, you don’t fall through.” Then a little person, a dwarf appears. She passes in front of our car and talks to the driver. He is very polite to her. She asks for some food. He searches in his pocket and I think he is going to pull out what she is asking for, but he pulls out a handful of bills with a tea bag. “You should find some store that can help you, with that money.“ The leprechaun/dwarf thanks him and smiles as she gives him the tea bag (I think it is a tea bag) back and says “but you can have this back “ commenting on how she doesn’t need it or doesn’t like it. Then, as she gets out of the car, she looks at me significantly and climbs out of the front passenger door.

    (There is another walking on water dream I had several years before these two, but I didn't want to write a novel and I'm not sure if it would even be significant, having occurred so long ago. It was amazing, though).

    Do these sort of recurring themes have any meaning? Are they like leitmotifs in a novel or in an author's collected works?

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 29 Arizona

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

    Re: Walking on Water

    There seems to be a part of you that has ben diminished, but perhaps not totally. You stated that you have had these dreams for several years. Do they tend to appear at this same time of the year? It may have to do with the change of seasons. What changes this time of year that makes you feel less than normal? Perhaps it is the change of the seasons itself. Many people have problems coping with the colder, dreary winter weather. Does this apply to you.
    Or it may be something else that occurs this time of year that makes you 'feel dead'.
    Let me know your thoughts about my interpretation.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

    Re: Re: Walking on Water

    I apologize for being unable to respond sooner. I sort of got swamped with things.
    Thank you for your interpretation of my dreams. I hadn't realized they all came around the same time until I wrote them all down together. Your insights led me to think about things in a different way and I came up with some new thoughts.
    For me, the voice that announced the dancer that danced on the carcass of the water seemed something positive. I awoke feeling that some important message had been imparted to me and that walking on water was something good, something spiritual. I thought of Jesus and Buddha walking on water. But in the image, not only was I walking on the water, I was dancing.
    It happened during the time of my healing, after I saw my ex-husband with another woman after having gotten back together for a while. Being a small body of water, I believe it had personal connotations. It represented my feelings, dead. Perhaps this is the part of me that is diminished - my diminished, wounded heart and my inability to allow myself to feel or care. But it also signified my last vestiges of hope because it was water found in the desert. That although my feelings were hurt and my emotions almost dead, I was still alive, I was in fact dancing despite the dead emotions. The desert represents hardship and thirst, but there is some water and on this little hope, I am dancing. I am still alive, I am creative still and I am performing, reveling, rejoicing, out of the ordinary in my ability to dance on this dead water – these dead emotions.
    Also, in my life there has always been this feeling of stagnancy. Another part of me that is diminished. I feel that I do not act enough, that I am always just getting by, never following through with my dreams or achieving them. For example, I have always wanted to travel and move away, yet I continue living here. This image seemed to signify my independence, my success. I was actually succeeding in something, staying afloat, being creative. So, when I had the next dream a year later about the water in NY in November, I remembered the voice/image and I thought the dream held some clue , possibly regarding where I should be to enjoy this independence, happiness and success. I was happy in the dream - very happy - about having decided to stay in NY. It left such an impression upon me, that I decided to visit NY this past month once again and that is when I fell more deeply in love with the city, learned the cold did not bother me and began to seriously consider a move. Maybe I am giving myself clues.
    Thank you for your interpretation and for providing me the opportunity to revisit these dreams and find out more about myself.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 29 arizona

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

    Re: Walking on Water

    Thank you for your follow-up post. Added information provides us all with new insights to the dream world.

    One thing I believe important to understand, and seems to have been the case with your dream, is the openning up to those inner aspects by the dreamer that are often overlooked, ignored or repressed. Any beneficial interpretation of a dream is dependent upon the dreamer to take the time to revisit their life and discover those aspects that lie beneath the conscious world. If the interpretation prompts the dreamer to investigate on their own, as it seems this interpretation did for you, then that alone can be looked at as a success. Even though the interpretation may not spell out accurately the true meaning of the dream. An interpretation is as much a stimulus for the dreamer to look at their inner life as it is an always accurate interpretation. As I have often stated, only the dreamer knows what the inner life is about and to understand the dream message one must have some understanding of that inner life. A good interpreter can see around the perimeters of a dream but the deeper personal aspect can only be known by the dreamer. If the dreamer gives time and effort to searching within themself, ultimately the dream message will be understood. I think you have scored a touchdown by your looking inward and discovering for yourself those conflicts that need attention.

    Thanks again for the response and I hope you continue to look for the answers that provide meaning in your life. If there future dreams that you need help with the Dream Forum is here to help.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 55 Murfreesboro, Tn.

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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