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Beautiful colors and pit bulls


I was walking home from somewhere, I don't know where and it was getting dark. The sky was a beautiful shade of grey and navy and there was a touch of whiteness left from the day. There were large clouds threatening to open up and a cool breeze that had just a little of summer left in it. It was a night like you might get in the beginning of October. As I made my way home, I saw this wonderful house that had balloons and tables set out in the front yard. I thought at first it was a yard sale, but then I realized they would be having a party. It gave me a good and happy feeling. They had even placed balloons on the wire fence across the road. The road was small and narrow, I want to say it was a dirt road, but can’t for sure. The wind was blowing hard enough to juggle one of the lamps set out on the table and I worried that it would blow over. It did not.

I walked until I came to an intersection, and as I approached, I noticed that somehow I had a chrome table in my hand. It was a tall table with three legs and a beautiful pink glass top. I decided that the table would be easier to carry if I held on to it by one leg, so that the table was parallel to the ground. But if I did this the top would fall of and break, so I placed the glass top under my right arm, like an Olympic discuss thrower. I realized that my pink sunglasses matched the glass top and decided that I would look cool with them on while carrying this table. I sat the table and the glass top down to to take out my sunglasses. I remember a great feeling of satisfaction and confidence as I put them on and picked up my table and top to travel on home.

I turned down the street and came upon a couple walking three very fat pit bulls, they had stopped to let them eat at some communal pile of what looked like garbage, but was really a huge thing of dog food. I was cautious around the dogs, but the owners, whom I thought were friends of mine, yet I had no recognition of who they might be, said the dogs were friendly, except for the incredibly fat one who was laying on the ground. This particular dog was so large that her belly lay out at least two feet in front of her in its own pile.

The dogs sniffed me excitedly, and nibbled on my hands and clothes, obviously looking for more food. I patted them and they went on to the food. I spoke to the couple for a bit, and then I woke up.

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Re: Beautiful colors and pit bulls

Your dream seems to be addressing some aspect of your life where there is tranquility but is threaten by a possible disruption of some kind. There could be some false feelings of security associated with this aspect. You also may be at an intersection in your life where the possibilities are not straightforward. This may involve decisions you must make that you are completely sure about. The decisions may be based more on emotions or preferences more so than on objective thinking. You may be trying to make things fit into what you want and not what you really need.

The fat pit bulls probably represent that aspect in your life that is now being considered, albeit unconsciously. This is probably getting into personal aspects that only you can discern. When interpreting dreams one can may understand the universal possibilities but the personal attributes are less definible. This particular aspect seems to be 'friendly' but at the same time a bit threatening. Being fat may give clues to the possible connection in your life. Perhaps if you look at the dream dictionary for fat and sort through the possible meanings you may be able toe understand what it means in context to your life. Also look at the possible meanings for dog. One thing that styrikes me is these 'dogs' are interested in devouring the garbage that is in your life.

Take what I have stated and compare it to your life and se where it may fit. Let me know your conclusions and perhaps we can better ascertain what the dream is trying to communicate.


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Re: Beautiful colors and pit bulls


Thank you for your reply. It is an interesting take on the dream. It seemed so odd to me and yet so peaceful. I looked up the meaning of some of the symbols in the dream, and dogs represented things about being submissive, loyal or aggressive. I think only the loyal really applies to me. The balloons also are supposed to represent arrogance or disappointment, which I feel niether at this time. So suffice it to say, I will look into your interpration and think about how it may apply to my life at the moment.

Thank you again.

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