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Hello all,

I had a dream last night that I wanted some feedback on. I'm having trouble connecting the dots.

I'm in a room that I don't recognize. Lots of dark wood and definitely has an "old" feel to it. I get the impression that it hasn't been used in a while,and there is lots of dust/cobwebs and covered furniture. (maybe an old hotel)

I know there are ghosts in the room with me, but I can't see them. I pick up a large mirror, and by angling the mirror in the right spot, I'm able to see the ghosts. My attention first turns to 3 ghosts, sitting together on a bench or trunk. (2 men and 1 woman) I don't remember the men very well, but the woman is blond and is dressed in clothes typical of frontier America (bonnet, long dress). I get the impression that they are "good" ghosts.

Then I turn to a different spot. There are 2 other ghosts, 1 man and 1 woman. They are the "bad" ghosts, but I'm not scared of them. They are very "ugly", meaning that their faces are distorted and both ghosts have huge eyeballs that are popping out their head.

Suddenly, the door opens and girl (very similar to me) rushes in and slams the door shut. She is running from something (something evil) that is chasing her down the hallway. We (including the ghosts) know that we are in danger and need to do something to protect ourselves from whatever is outside the door. The dream ends.

My thoughts:
- I'm pretty sure that the dream is about myself and looking inward (the mirror).
- Everyone is a ghost, b/c I'm seeing parts of myself that I don't understand. The ugly ghosts are parts of myself that I think are ugly? Is there any significance to the meaning of the eyes?
- Is the dream telling me that I need to develop these "ghosts" in order to protect myself from the evil thing? (perhaps the Ego or the Shadow)

Also, on Nov 23, there was a post about asking for add'l info. I'd think it's a great a idea and I'd be happy to do it.


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Re: Ghosts

The dream seems to be reflecting your inner world and perhaps the process of 'individuation' that you are currently navigating. Ghosts are indeed the inner aspects, those that linger, good and bad. One thing to remember is the descriptions of the people, and ghosts, are actually descriptions of yourself, aspects and experiences, good and bad.

The last paragraph seems to be the main message of the dream. The girl, you, and the ghosts, perhaps past experiences, are running from something you consider evil. And it is 'outside' the door. This may be a reference to past experiences that will be openned once again when you open the door and confront this 'evil' thing.

What to do? You must open the door and see what it is that is on the other side. This is a personal aspect, something from your life's experience. The only way to put an end to the evil is to confront it. By doing so you remove the psychic energy it possess, it no longer remains a ghost. It may not easy once you face this 'evil' thing but the healing that is required can only begin when you confront it and acknowledge it.

Ghosts are those things within you. You know what they are because we have already met them, they are past experiences. This particular evil ghost or thing is a part of your life, the past, and because you are still running from it, the present. If you dream of this evil thing again, open the door. The most frightening thing about ghosts is not knwoing what they are. Once you recognize them they become less froghtening and evetually there is no longer a fear of them.


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Re: Re: Ghosts


I think that you're right. Your response prompted me to look at some of my other posts and other dreams that I've had, and I think I'm beginning to see somewhat of a pattern. I've had plenty of dreams where I wake up right before I walk through a door. I guess I'll have to try harder to stay asleep!

PS - I found the post where you had asked me (and others) to submit an image of our archetype (back in March). I never saw this post, so I apologize for never responding! I see that you've redone the site since then, so I suppose it's nothing for me to worry about anyway. Take Care

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26, Texas

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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