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In the dream, I was at a funeral of someone but I dont know who it was, my ex-boyfriend's mother was at the funeral. After the funeral she came up to me and and asked me how I knew the deceased and I told her that he was a friend of mine, she said that she knew his family. then she asked me to stop by her home after the service, and I agreed. When I arrived at her home, I noticed that there was a crowd of people at the front door, when I got to the door I was trying to figure out how I was going to get through the crowd so that I could enter the house. Then my ex-boyfriend appeared, grabbed my hand and reached through the crowd and led me through the crowd into the house. He then took me to his room and asked what I was doing there, I told him that his mother invited me and how much I missed him and how I wanted us to get back together, he agreed and then I woke up.

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Re: Ex-Boyfriend

Funerals are places where we lay things to rest. In dreams they often represent aspects, or experinces, of our own lives.
In your dream you first state you do not know who the person is. But when asked by your ex's mother you state it is a male friend. Perhaps this means there are unknown qualities, or emotions, about a male friend from your past {perhaps he is no longer in your life, thus the symbology in the dream would show him as a dead part of your life}. This whole scene may be related to your ex-boyfriend. Exactly how his mother fits in, if at all, is probably something you personally understand.

On the other hand the dream may be purely symbolic and the characters represent inner aspects. The above can be true and the inner aspects can be true with it.

Looking at the dream there seems to be some aspect of the past relationship that still lingers. Did his mother have anything to do with the breakup? The crowd in front of her door may be what you felt you had to get through to get to him, the crowd being her.
But the crowd could also represent aspects about yourself that prevented you from getting/being to him. Did you break off the relationship? It may be due to inner aspects, values you hold, that did not fit.

Did he reach out to you before you actually broke up with him? This may be a reference to his reaching out to you in the dream. But it also may suggest you still have emotions over him that you need to reach and acknowledge and put them in their proper place. Examine the relatiosnhip, the past and your present emotions, and see what is there.


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