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There was a party at my home with a lot of friends and family. Also at this at party, all of my ex boyfriends were in attendence. I was talking to my sister when ex #1 came up to me and started talking. He then asked me if I still loved him, and I told him no, then he disappeared. My friend M pulled up and came over to say hello to me, he then asked where he could put his bags and I told him to go into my house and my mother would tell him where to put his things. I went into the house and when I came back out, ex #2 came up to me and asked if I still loved him and when I told him no, he disappeared. Finally, ex #3 came to me and asked if I still loved him and I told him that I wasn't sure. At that time my friend M, came outside right when ex #3 was about to kiss me, I pushed ex #3 away, M went back into the house and I went in after him, I really upset at the thought that I may have hurt M in anyway, I then told him that I was sorry for what he saw and that I didnt realize what he meant to me until that moment then I woke up...What does this mean? Could I have feelings for my friend and not realize it?

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Re: Party

T. Gray,
After reading this dream and giving an interpretation to your first dream, I get the impression the dreams have more to do with inner masculine aspects more so than ex-boyfriends. The boyfriends are definitly a part of the equation but I believe the dream is addressing deeper aspects of your inner masculine qualities. Is there a reason for so many ex-boyfriends? Do you have a problem with relationships?

The first dream focuses on an ex-boyfriend, #1? He must have left an impression on you. This dream addresses other boyfriends and the question whether you still love them. Putting this together gives me
the impression that it is love that you are looking for and the relationships may merely be a formality. If this is true then there may be past experiences with males, particular your father that needs to be examined. What was the relationship with your father like?

Also in the first dream. The mother of your ex-boyfriend may be referring to your own mother. How could that fit into the scheme of things, if at all?

Let me know your thoughts on these questions and I will provide a more qualified answer to the posibilities of the dreams.


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