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peak experience

hi all,
i would be grateful for any thoughts on this dream.
especialy the word EVEREST!

the dream.
i am climbing up mount everest with a female,i reach a very narrow ridge,only 6 inches wide.
i am worried that one misplaced step either side, is instant death,the feeling of exposure was terrifying,howling wind and snow.
this ridge is only 100ft from the summit,i can see it,
in my way is a huge sealion,
it try's to trip me and make me fall,i am sat on my backside at this stage,i manage to push it out of the way with my feet,i get up and head for the summit,
i glance back and see that there are now two sea-lions and the female will have to remain behind.

the only thoughts i have on this dream myself are,

it reminded me of a previous dream right down to the details except one,the sealion was a lion,it tried to stop me with affection,i gave in,and never reached the summit.
the similarity between these dreams is quite amazing but the outcome of the latest is obviously more desirable,definately a recurring pattern of events.

regards steve

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Re: peak experience

Hi Steve,
A thought - a sea lion lives in water and on land. Naturally exist in both with each serving a specific function in their life. Water - fluid, feminine, emotions, nurturing, etc Land - stationary, male, rational, etc.

Posibly a connection.


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Re: Re: peak experience

many thanks kathy for your thoughts,

i was thinking about something joseph campbell said,
namely,your image of god becomes the final barrier,and its a peak experience to break past all that,
based on this,i saw just for a moment,the possibility of a trickster figure.
sealions are quite cute and comical looking and are very good at doing tricks,(not that i approve of the exploitation of animals in this way),they are sentient intelligent creatures,and as you say,they are masters of two worlds.
gerard has mentioned on occasions,that just when you think a thing is so,in pops the trickster and blows away your misconceptions.
what a sealion was doing on the top of everest,just shows the bizzare way dreams can get your attention.
interestingly enough,i have had this same dream before, it was'nt a sealion ,but a lion,
i feel that something is reccuring,the first dream,i failed to reach the summit,i was held back by the lion,which was actually showing me great affection,like a domestic cat,the latest,i reach the summit,and have actually got past something.
i even looked at the possibility of a pun,see-lion,a ref to the earlier version of the dream.
i have my spade,i will dig further.
thanks, steve

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 50 uk

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} m

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