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We were on a school bus in the inner city. I knew about some severe weather and was stressing. I looked off into the distance and saw a funnel cloud and started freaking out. I said that we needed to get inside onee of these tall buildings. After a struggle, we finally stopped and went inside. I noticed these seats that you could strap yourself into so you're not sucked away by tornadoes. I suggested sitting in the seat and was told that they were for another class. So, the funnel clouds were everywhere! I looked right above our building and saw the sky spinning. Then another funnel cloud came just above the ground (Maybe like 30 feet). I was confused, none of these were touching down. Then it kind of picked up its lower half and slammed down onto the ground! Great, now we have a tornado!

What's funny is, I fear tornadoes in waking life too!

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Re: Tornadoes

All indications from your dream points to inner conflicts that is becoming stressful in your waking life. You are probably struggling with these conflicts. They may very well be self imposed. And while there are these conflicts that threaten to cause stress they have yet to fully set in.

What inner turmoil is there in your life? The dream seems to be pointing to these conflicts.


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