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It was my first week out of 10 months in my foreign exchange year in Germany. (real life) I went to bed that night and had a dream of hands with white gloves behind a black backround trying frantically to say something to me. Sicne they were hands, of course they couldn't talk. Then the hands grabbed a german-english dictionary and looked up the word "geist" and showed it to me. Geist means ghost in german. Then a HUGE thunder cracked outside and woke me up. The next morning the child in the house i was staying at said there was a ghost in his room last night.

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Re: Geist...


This is really an incredible dream. From one stance, it could be that you and the child were somehow psychically linked. For instance, a close friend of mine and myself have had very similar dreams during the same night--eerily similar. Or, the child really did see a ghost, and his fear was so intense that his intense desire to communicate his fear to someone penetrated through to your mind. Lastly, perhaps there is a ghost and it was trying to communicate with both of you. Or, of course, you can chalk it up to "coincidence" but that is boring and not fun (and an overly used evasion to explain away most of the amazing events that happen here on Earth). Oh, and yeah, maybe you dreaming about a ghost somehow was communicated to the kid, so maybe it wasn't him influencing you, but you influencing him.

I am not opposed to accepting the existence of the supernatural. However, perhaps there is one other possiblity.

Europe is old. Far older than the United States. All of us (Native Americans aside) have roots somewhere else, and a lot of us are have European ties. If this is the case with you, there may be something linked up with this Ghost thing. You are not German, but you feel you have some relation to this place, although it is very old and from long ago. You want to communicate with the people--you want to root yourself there because America is so young and it's identity is always violently changing from one thing to another. But you can neither speak the language, nor totally relate to the extensive history of the place and it's people. Hence your feelings personified themselves as a ghost who must speak to you through an English-German dictionary. Meanwhile, the child had a dream about a ghost because that's what kids dream about a lot--or maybe your dream influenced him psychically because children are impressionable and somewhat more intuitive than adults.

What do you think?

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Re: Geist...

There are several things that Alan points out that may fit into this dream. The most important is about Europe being old. This may represent something old within you, an older, past experience that haunts you {ghost}. The connection to the child in the house {the house being you} may help identify this 'geist'.
Hands may not be able to speak by verbalization that they do often represent the ability to understand {sign language could very well symbolize the language used in dreams, metaphorically speaking}. The white gloves may represent those aspects that are covered up within your unconscious {black background}. White is often symbolic of purity, innocence. This may be related to childhood which is itself a period of purity and innocence. The thunder may be the loud cracking of recognizing past negative experiences. The negative would be that one room, one aspect of yourself that the dream is trying to direct your attention to.

This dream along with the other two dream seems to be addressing some negative aspect within you that is draining the life out of you, albeit unconsciously at the moment. Being just 19 this negative aspect may not present itself as something that greatly influences your waking life. But since the dream is wanting to address this aspect now, it may become something hugh later in life if not acknowledged. Is there any negative childhood experiences that you have blocked out or have forgotten about? This may be what these dreams are trying to address.


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