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weird dream

so I had this really wierd dream...I usually never remember any of my dreams so the fact that I remembered this one strikes me weird. It came in movie scenes or something. I was sleeping and it was very windy and my dad stepped in my room and said "we have to protect the windows" and there was another bed in my room and this girl was there. The room was in a hotel of some sort but we knew our neighbors and this actress was in my dream and she had a gift and a daughter with her and she left with some random guy (who was tall, hispanic and had black hair) and left her daughter with me. I think it was Christmas or something. Later seeing how late it had become I went to go see what was wrong and I opened the door to her hotel room and I saw this guy sitting on the couch with this lady's body with no head no arms no legs and she was cut open right down the middle and he was eating her with a fork and a sharp knife. The man made an attempt to keep the girl there but I fought him and took her home. Then it switched again and I was in an elevator with this girl and a group of people and I think I was running from this led to a parking lot of some sort and this man was there. Then it switched again and I was talking to these girls who clamied to be my sisters and the girl was still with me. Then it switched again and I was in my room and this girl was sleeping in the bed next to mine.

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Re: weird dream

My take on your dream it is about a tarnsitional phase that you are undergoing or are about to undergo. This phase may be not only psychological but biological also. I say that because of your age {16}. Dreams of adolescents are more often centered on actual current experiences more so than past experiences {as it is with adults}.
What provides me with the impression of a transition are the many symbols that often represent transition. Wind, windows, hotels, the other girl in your room {the other girl is you}. The actress is the role you are currently playing out and her daughter is another aspect of the changes within you {which is a gift of nature, you are natuarlly evolving into womanhood}.

But these changes are a bit frightening, at least on an unconscious level {consciously you may not give it much thought but unconsciously it concerns you, a natural response}. The man in your dream is the masculine in general, guys. The fear of preditory masculine behavior, probably an unconscious thing in the back of your mind, may give reason why there is the lady's body being consumed by a man. This is also something within you having to do with a natural hesitation about men. Some men tend to use you. There is alos that feelings toward guys that at 16 becomes very strong, sometimes so strong it consumes you. This may be the fight in your dream to take the girl home {this girl is you, that person you must protect so she grows properly}.
The constant switching in your dream would represent the constant changes in your life at the age 16. There are the guys, and the other parts that make up who you are {girls who claim to be your sisters}. In the end of the dream this girl is lying in the bed next to you. This is you in an evolving state of being.

My interpretation may sound very odd but unless there are traumatic experiences from your past then I believe it is a reasonable explaination of your dream. If you will take a little time to read Understanding Your Dreams you will have a better understanding of why I gave such an interpretation.

Let me know your thoughts, not only to my interpretation but also to the changes you are going through in your life. This may help clarify some of the dream message.


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