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My World Under Attack

I was living in a house with my estranged mother and father, an ex-boyfriend named Devin who I haven't seen in a long time, and a few other friends. The house was in shamles. Somehow we all got into a fight and piled up all our belongings in to a towering mess of clothes, furniture, and everything else. I ended up moving into a newly built wing ( that I payed for) at my Aunt Ronnie's house who also had an aunt from the other side of my family living with her. Aunt Ronnie's house was huge and the wing I was now living in was immaculate and seemed just as large. For some reason I had a lot of money. I suddenly was at this arcade-type place playing virtual tennis with my friend Pookie and some other people I didn't know. I told Pookie that I missed Devin (everytime I said it I felt more and more worried about him; my chest seemed to tighten each time), but I'm in love with Jordan (my current boyfriend). I kept repeating that I missed Devin. Then something really bad began to happen. It was as if my world was under attack; as if there was going to be another Holocaust. Everyone was gathered in my grandmother's (who I live with and have lived with since I was three month's old in waking life) basement. Everyone was readying themselves for when we would all have to hide [in my grandmother's basement]. Soldiers were reading a list of everyone's names to make sure that everyone was there. My boyfriend and his ENTIRE family was there, all my friends and their WHOLE families from both the past and the present were there. People I didn't know were there. Neighbors and their families were there. Everyone was hiding in my basement. I went upstairs during rollcall to turn off all the lights by using the circuit box that was (for some reason) in the bottom of my grandmother's china cabinet and when I went back downstairs everyone was already hidden. I whispered out that it was me and I needed a place to hide, but no one answered. It was completely silent. I wanted to tell everyone about this secret passageway in my grandmother's storage room, but everyone was gone. I was more worried about everyone else surviving whatever was going to happen than I was about my own life. I didn't care if I were to live or die, I just wanted to know that the rest of the poeple, whoever they were, would be okay. I went into the storage room and opened the secret passage and when I walked in I saw my current boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend standing either inside or outside (I can't remember which it was). Then I woke up sweating and crying. When I awoke I had a terrible feeling of dread and the need to call my best friend and to get the dream out; to tell her about it.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 17 years old- District of Columbia

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Re: My World Under Attack

My first impressions of your dream are it is most likely playing out much of your real life but also giving attention to certin wishes and desires on your part. Are there parts of your life that you consider to be in shambles? Not so much in a literal sense but how you perceive your life as opposed to how you wish it could/would be. You go from one house {houses are symbols of you, the house is you} that is in shambles to one that is newly built and immaculate. And you have lots of money. Do you actually not have a lot of money but wish that you did? Do you wish you lived in such an immaculte house, one that you yourself built?

I think a lot of your dream is focusing on everyday life and the challenges you face. Dreams speak in metaphor and often the symbols used are more frightening that real life experiences {symbols are metaphors of you and your life}.

But there are some areas of the dream that may need further investigation. The circuit box in the bottom of your grandmother's china cabinet may indiacte something within your unconscious that has more significant meaning. The circuit breaker is what turns parts of you on and off. What is it, if anything, about your grandmother that may be important to your life? There may be some hidden elements about this part of you that provides clues to the deeper aspects of who you are. Examine that, and see where it leads. It is so much what is actually in the bottom of her cabinet but what it represents to you. This may indicate unconscious patterns of behavior that is being passed on to you via the inherentance from your family. It may be something hidden, about you, that is not readily available for you to understand.

The rest of your dream seems to go back to everyday dreads. Boyfriends are a normal occurance in young ladies dreams. And at your age there are many challenges that often cause dread and fears. Most will pass with time. But the secret passage may indicate deeper need to understand your earlier roots. Look at that part of the dream to se if you can come up with something that is out of your normal daily routine.


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