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call it de-je-vu,or just a coincidence,but i could'nt help but be give a little wow!

i had a dream on the 2nd of dec ,

i dreamed that i was given an official looking form to sign, off a female on a black horse,
on looking at it,i realised my surname had been spelt wrong,i asked various people in an office for some tipex or white out to correct the mistake,but no body had any.

just over a week later,
i recieved in the post,a renewal form for my vehicle road tax,to my amazement my surname had been spelt wrong,and the female at the postal office who highlited this mistake,had just started this job after working at lloyds bank,who's symbol,is, the black horse,she told me that i could not alter it,and that it would have to be returned for correction,

first i thought it must have been some sort of subliminal perception,but i had no idea about the spelling mistake as i hadn't even recieved the document at the time.
i stood at the counter and watched it unfold,
i would be interested in any thoughts,on this sort of experience,coincidence or more
regards steve.

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Re: de-je-vu

Interesting dream and events.
Jung talked about how dreams can be prognostic even though that is not their normal function. We all have moments of de-je-vu but yours seems to eba bit more involved. Perhaps there is something more to the dream. The female, the black horse, the surname may be an indication of something deeper. And since you are activily involved in guiding your own life perhaps the vehicle road tax is just another indication or symbol of life as it is. Give it some time and see if anything else along this de-je-vu experiences occur.
It can be very taxing.


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Re: de-je-vu

Hi Steve,
Personal experience with this occurred at about the age of 11 or 12. Had a series of dream and deja vu events over a few months. It was a pivotal point in the life path requiring a decision, although at the time was not conscious or aware of just how pivotal or that I was even making a decision. It does produce an ‘other worldly’ sensation as it unfolds before you. Did it seem as if time slowed & it played out in slow motion?

Perhaps this is a function of the unconscious in connection to the collective at moments of great importance in the path where a decision is paramount acting as a signal, call to the higher path and corroboration of the spiritual collective. Only supposition based on personal experience, of course.


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Re: Re: de-je-vu

hi gerard and kathy,
thanks for your thoughts,
firstly,i have to agree with gerard,with the point he made about the function of dreams,this also led me to think that maybe,we use the term dreams a bit too loosely,and that other experiences can come through which may not be functioning in the same way that ordinary dream information does,
i don't like to use the words ,dreams can fortell the future,but i don't mind admitting,that if de-je -vu experiences are a real and valid experience,then there must be something else going on,the experience and implications of this ,would definately bring about a feeling of,being in touch with greater forces than ourselves,and this as i am aware,is one of the fundamental steps on the journey ,the diminishment of the egos grip.
in answer to your question kathy,
yes,it unfolded like slow motion,with a few inner words of disbelief,i stood outside trying to get to grips with what had just happened,i have had a few de-je-vu experiences like most other folks,but they quickly become forgotten,or resigned to the, no its just coincidence bin.
i really feel that, something is trying to wake me up and make me pay attention.
if this was the function of the dream/de-je-vu experience,to wake me up,it has worked.
but i will take gerards advice and keep a look out,just in case.
regards steve.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 50-uk

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