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    Lastnight I had a dream that I was two weeks pregnant. I was completely horrified. I'd hooked up with this boy once and hadn't known he'd ejaculated. We hadn't even had intercourse. I've had pregnant dreams before where I just quit whatever I'm doing and have this idealised perfect life. But this one was much different. I was all too aware that I'm inequipped to raise a child, I was also way too scared of the pain involved in an abortion, and I didn't want to give it up for adoption and later go through so much work to find it again. The only solution I could come up with was to give it to a family nearby that would allow me to be part of their lives. But I still wasn't content or decided. I walked through my dream slowly and somber.
    I was throwing tantrums and screaming because someone was changing the scenery to exactly how it was during childhood. It made me really panicky.
    I was walking through my residence which looked like an extremely fancy hotel. There were sinks in the hallway, I washed my face in one of them.
    I went to my room but two girls needed it for their class. last year I cut off all my hair, and kept the cut off part. I had this in the dream, this long and thick cut off ponytail. I was trying to wrap it up in a peice of paper, along with some paper clippings that made me happy. I felt pressured for time, the girls were waiting patiently but their teacher had come and was trying to kick me out. I tried tying the bundle several times, everytime i thought I'd gotten it I would think part of it was being crushed. so then I'd have to unwrap it and wrap it up again. The girls told the teacher that I was pregnant, but the teacher (who turned out to be my philosophy teacher, who doesn't teach it very well) said not to let maternal womyn get in your way. Finally I got out of there. I walked down this amazing large staircase, into the lounge where all these mid forties people were having a party. The residence kids were catering. This one man, who i think the party was for and was wearing a soft multicoloured knit sweater said something to me and said my name, which made me smile. I had no clue what time or day it was or where I was supposed to be so I just wandered around the huge res building.
    I know that pregnancy can mean new directions--I am in limbo of moving right now. I'm really curious about the smaller symbols, like washing my face, and the res building, etc
    Thanks for your time!

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    Re: pregnant

    Pregnancy does often represent new things that are expected in your life. Or an expectancy of something. If this is the symbology to your dream you need to determine what new things are possible in the near future. Could two weeks have anything to do with it? Also, in the dream you are ill-equipted to raise, or support, this new thing. This may provide clues to what it may be that the pregnancy represents. You may feel you have but one solution to this new challenge; to give up. Cutting off of the hair may represent some cut off piece of you, an aspect that is wrapped up within your unconscious that may have strong implications in your life.

    A possibility of what the pregnancy may represent is an unconscious realization of something in your life, perhaps your past. I say this because of 'the scenery to exactly how it was during childhood'. There could be repressed or forgotten experiences within your unconscious that want to be brought to life, a pregnancy of realizing these past experiences that are growing within your unconscious.

    The fact that you are in your teens makes the understanding of such dreams more difficult than if you were older. The dream could be merely addressing some waking real life experiences having to do with expectations and the stresses that go with them. But it may alos be addressing deeper issues, perhaps from earlier childhood. Were there traumatic instances in your childhood that may have left an impression on you that has not yet been resolved? Possible treatment by adults {does not have to be abusive but could very well be}?
    Look at your earlier life and see what might be there that could have to do with the dream. See if there are unresolved issues that could be growing and needs to be acknowledeged {this could be what the pregnancy symbolizes}. Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can get closer to what this pregnancy represents.


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