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In my dream, i meet up with a physic to ask questions about my husband. she reveals to me that he is a good man and that he isn't cheating on me but when she looks into her crystal ball she see's him with another woman now she looks over to her butler in despair and says its too late and somehow three italian migets talk to my husband and he lets go of the other womans hand and leaves her, little do i know i am hysterical and i end up with him in the end. But why do i have those dreams tat other woman are going to take him away from me?


One possibility of having this dream may be the fear, albeit unconscious, of losing your husband's affection to another woman. The psychic in your dream is your own inner psyche. Dreams are products of that psyche and a primary function of dreams is to help sort out emotional conflicts. {see the CNN video Anatomy of a Dream}. The midgets would be little things that your husband does that may perhaps make you think of the possibility of his affection for someone else. The butler would be your helper {the other woman is you, another emotional aspect}, a masculine aspect that is there to help you in the dispair {see Anima/Animus}. Your hysteria is seen within the dream as unknown thus suggesting these emotional fears are probably benign within your deeper psyche but at times may surface in your subconscious anyway. The conclusion of the dream is you end up with him. This either suggests you care for him no matter what, or more likely, these fears are unfounded.

Another posibility, one that could co-incide with the first, or itself be the primary reason for the dream, is the dream is addressing your Animus. This possibility seems less likely even though it may be minor part of the message of the dream. If this is the case then there may be some perceived fault of your own masculine abilities. Questioning one's own masculine aspects is mostly an inner search that may or may not be valuable but is almost always a possibility.

Have you recently felt that your husband was capable of seeking another woman's affection? Were there small clues that led you to these thoughts? Are they indeed real or are they more circumstanial, perhaps an emotional response to something that is not there? Anwser these questions and let me know your thoughts.


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