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Six dreams

First dream-"Knife Dream"

I'm in a silver/grey car. its a very grey day. A masked man(i think he was masked) is approaching my side of the window. I'm in the back seat sitting next to my sister and brother. My parents are in the front seat. He is approaching my window holding a knife and i'm scared. I scream and scream and scream and no one hears me. They are all looking straight ahead as if i'm not even there. The window dissolves as I'm scream and scared and I wake up terrified.

Second dream "Wolf Dream"

I'm making love to my man. Suddenly his penis has a life of its own, it turns into a wolf, then a snake, then a rat or a weaseal, all while making love to me. I wake up happy

Third dream "window Dream"

I'm sleeping, a very bright light is shining through my bedroom window. It terrifies me. Absolutely terrifies me. I wake up.

Forth dream "hairdresser kidnapping me"

My creepy hairdresser kidnaps me. Right before he is about to rape me, I escape. I find myself in bed with two strange elderly men. I escape them too and run out into the street. I wake up very upset.

Fifth Dream " nymphs"

I'm a passenger in a car, we drive into the forest and suddenly all these tall green beautiful wood nymphs are all around me. I feel happy.

six dream
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