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Gay show - Muddy Waters with Ex - Journal Expose


I'm really getting these dreams out of my system from the past week. So glad to have found this site! ;-)

I'm at a club, wearing colorful argyle socks and a long oxford striped shirt. Some people are being insulted on stage where there appears to be a vaudeville-style skit/rendition of the 'Odd Couple'. The actors are gay (like many of my fav male friends). I laughed and said to a black man and my ex, "Oh that's precious!"
They both looked at me strange.(My ex continues to appear in many of my dreams. While in the healing process of letting go of the past, i'm conscious that i'm still not quite over him)

Next I am in waist-deep muddy water. Balancing and standing on tree roots that appear to be getting ready to freeze up. I'm holding a cellphone while in the water. My ex tells me he'll be back. I'm looking in the muddy water. Then suddenly the phone drops into the water. My ex is standing on shore and comes back to take me out and bring me to the dry ground. The setting is of a dark forest of trees on the verge of freezing up.

Last scene, I dream of a journal being framed and matted. I was worried that the journal didn't look right in scale. Seemed to be too large for the frame.
In one picture within the journal, if you look a certain way, there are a couple of exposed naked body parts. I began to think how I could conceal this picture, if it were to ever be shown in public.

Thank you for your insight!

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