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Mom, Mechanics class, bony old lady, cold husband, ancestral home, cancer survivor autobiography

Hi, am sooo sorry for posting so many dreams but if I don't do something about them I feel they will take up so much energy and become even more long and complex.

I'm riding in a taxi with a female friend. Both of us are in the back seat. We get out. I was sitting on the left, she on the right. We go to campus. There are guards outside and they hand us back our papers. She got a better grade. When we were in the cab we were talking about how much better taxis used to be, you just tell the driver where you want to go and they take you without too much commentary. We ride to campus the second time. The guards hand us back our paper/final exams. This time she got an A- and I got an A+. I was happy that I got a better grade this time. She's really my mother, not my friend, but a younger version. She is plump.

Now I'm in a class in a mechanics workshop. An older plump male member of the class writes me a note when he sees me contemplating some car 'contraption' that is incomplete. He writes, 'its terrible, used to torture women'. I attempt to comment but the professor snatches away the note, intercepts it before I can get it to the man. Then on, any attempt to communicate with this man are constantly intercepted. I was sitting in the front lying on the ground in the middle of the first row, or in front of it rather. Now I'm way in the back, on the right side. There is one older lady on the left, near the center of the rows who keeps intercepting all the note or anything I do to communicate with this man. The man is sitting on the right way in the front. She is nasty and mean, interfering. I'm trying to send other notes as well as messages and objects and things other than notes to this man, but she intercepts every time and takes them and gives them to the professor/instructor. Its very frustrating.

I'm in an ancestral house, or relative's house or in-laws house. Its like an old family home I belong to. The mean old woman shows up again. I have ancestral objects, more valuable than heirlooms, that are my right to have and are being kept by her in a low, long dark wooden cabinet made of very old Oak wood that has darkened with probably centuries of ageing.

Her two cruel daughters are asking me if my grandparents wedding photos are in black and white or in color. I know they are judging my social class by this and trying to establish that if I don't say color we were somehow poor but I realize the absurdity, since probably color didn't exist back then. I answer truthfully black and white to both, yet in real life one of my parents wedding photos should be in color but seems black and white.

This old lady is the same one in my class who kept intercepting the notes. Some of the objects in the cabinet were an antique ceramic candy dish, a family photo, mementos, things that represented my link with my family throughout centuries. I was angry and I fight with her physically to get my things. She is tall and bony, thin and wearing a dress. I'm fighting with her and telling her I wanted to be her friend but she doesn't want to be my friend or have anything to do with me. I wanted to be part of her family I tell her, but she rejects me. So I tell her my only choice is to be away from her. She was trying to block me in every way. Everything I did or tried to do, or say, she would interfere, try to stop me from reaching any of my goals, from bring my intentions to fruition, she was sabotaging my every effort.

After I tell her my only choice is to get away from her I start taking my things out of the cabinet to take with me.

Now I'm supposed to go on a hunting expedition in a forest and I'm getting dressed for it. I am putting on several cashmere wool sweaters, sleeveless, one pale olive green, the other pink, and a pink stretch tee shirt between them. On top of this I have a white sleeveless fur vest with some black fur. My female friend is telling me its too much clothes, but I say that I can take off layers if I need to. Now I'm helping her dress and she's wearing a cream colored pair of pants. I tell her to wear a long sleeved cream colored top and she doesn't want to at first but when she does it looks really good, much better than the black pants she was wearing, maybe with a black top. I'm already feeling warm and overheated and still haven't put the vest on.

My husband is near me. We are in the kitchen or a room like a kitchen. Somehow he is inside a refridgerator or computer monitor. He has become COLD AIR- but still retains the capacity to communicate with me. His four year old nephew is with me trying to talk to his uncle, but in the dream S. is about eight years old. My husband is asking me about the temperature and am opening and closing the fridge door as we speak. S. realizes its cold too.

I'm in a store and I pick up a big thick book written by a woman survivor of cancer who underwent a natural cure. The book is about that and her life. She has an intro about herself and she has one photo where she is lying naked on her bed doing relaxation and taking herbs to heal. She has photos of her favorite fashion designer, products like Channel and Dior sunglasses of different styles but all have the same Jackie Kennedy 60s look. She treated herself to a lot of luxury and designer products to help herself heal and this retail therapy helped her. She discusses that at the beginning of her journey it was difficult, frightening and almost bleak, but in the end she gets better. She heals from cancer and doesn't require surgury or anything other than the self healing she self directed, using narrative, relaxation, and all natural techniques with herbal cures and lots of retail therapy. By sharing about herself she gave inspiration and showed that natural healing can be just as effective and less intrusive than Western medicine. Even when she was lying on her bed naked and very thin and in the throes of recovering from cancer, she was taller than usual and strong. She was able to overcome the cancer and healed herself. Before the healing process she was shorter and plump.

I'm not sure about the order of these dream sequences, I think I got it right, I almost forgot the part about my husband and the cancer survivor's autobiography, then hours later they came to my mind.

Sorry for posting so many dreams but hey this is a great chance to learn about dream interpretation since my psyche is being so generous in giving me all these symbols I might as well share them and also I think this process is really helping me in my waking and inner life in huge ways..I'm making quantum leaps so thanks in advance , your responses really help.

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