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    Violent Death

    I wonder if I get assistance/confirmation of my dream will I then be able to do anything to recover from such?!

    I have had these dream for some time but usually they come when stress is bad at work. My home situation is eternally getting worse and I have been getting less and less sleep these days because when I do find the time to rest my head I am awoke by violent nightmares.

    Basically, The scene appears to be an amusement park with a nature theme. My boyfriend and son and I are walking alone and I am holding someones hand (maybe one of my men?) As we walk past the Crocodille exhibit I am alone and a Large Crocodille jumps on the back of another giving it the ability to get out of the exhibit to grab me in it's mouth. Then somehow we end up back in the exhibit and it is holding me under the water drowning me patiently by just sitting still underwater or sometimes violently by wedging me with a log underwater and spinning.

    This is when I wake up and I am so disturbed that I can't even image trying to lay back down.

    Due to my bizarre work schedule and domestic responsibilities I am lucky to get 4-5 hours of sleep . What might I hope for if these dreams lesson?!

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    Re: Violent Death

    I believe you provided the reasons for the nightmares. Not only are you overly burdened with stress but the lack of sleep only adds to that stress. The body needs rest and if it is under great duress it needs it even more.
    Your stressful life situation is slowly drowning you. Part of the problem may be you probably worry too much {worrying is normal but too much of it can be a problem in itself-inability to sleep is one symptom of worrying}.

    The crocodile that jumps out at you is probably the stress in your life. The crocodile that supports the other {stress} and makes it able to jump out at you is the unconscious worry about those stressful things in your life {it is what you think}. These situations are on exhibit in your dreams for you to see. You need to consciously recognize them before you are able to make corrections.

    The lesson from such a dream? One is you need to find ways to lessen the load. Think of the consequences if you don't. You can see the direction you moving in your life. The home situation is 'eternally' getting worse.
    A second lesson may be that a lot of your stress is confounded by thinking too much about your problems. You need to find a way to relax {an amusement park with a nature theme}. Your dreams will only get worse if you fail to improve your mental outlook. After all, it is what you think that adds to the stress.

    There are certain principles that help me avoid undue stress in life. The one that may fit here, the thinking part that adds to your stress is, 'do all you can do and don't worry about the rest'. 999 out of a 100 this principle works for me. How many times have you worried about something and later on discovered you worried for no reason? When you have done all you can about a situation, let it alone, it is out of your hands.

    As for your personal life and how to improve that. Take stock of your life and detremine what you can change for the positive, and do it in small steps. In mythology {which has a lot in common with dreams} the hero/heroine* is seen as taking large steps, making life changing decisions all at once. But in today's world, that may be unreasonable for someone who is in a situtaion like yours.

    *Joseph Campbell tells us we have two chances to take that hero journey. One is in our early years, mostly in our late teens when we have the choice of career. The other is at mid-life when we begin to question life. In both cases we are free from many of the responsibilities we encounter in between those years.


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    Re: Violent Death


    Gerard's words are very pertinant.
    I am approaching mid-life and changing many things that I have either been held back from making, or have held myself back from making in younger years, because of working on other things.

    Change of SOME sort can always be made.
    Little changes are often made in the 'hero' journeys - ie myths and fairytales we read in childhood, which in fact, if understood fully can be instruction towards adulthood and give helpful hints about personal growth, similar to dreams. In such stories, the characters (sometimes in the depths of despair) are 'helped' by nature or 'supernatural' forces to achieve an almost 'magical' or unbelievable goal or 'happy ending'.
    This means that however powerless we believe ourselves to be, once we MAKE the decision to change, things tend to help us along the way. While we WAIT and make no change (believing we do not contain the resources or have the outside help/resources we need to change)we are held 'in chains' by this very belief.
    Change the little things - however small or insignificant you feel them to be, slowly, slowly the rest of your life will change.
    The most important thing to remember is that you ALREADY HAVE everything you need to achieve whatever you wish to achieve - empower yourself and you will gradually see this belief grow.

    Your actual dream is a strong indication of this underlying feeling of helplessness and despair, because of the conditions in your waking life.
    It is good that your unconscious has brought this to life and now you have recognised it, you are in the postion to work up from here
    good luck x

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    Re: Violent Death

    i often av dreams of dying and mayb the crocdiles represent sumfing in ur life that u r worried about. u shud make sure that wateva the crocodiles represents does not effect u or the ones that u luv.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 13 england

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