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    Shopping mall, country lane, houses and fair, medium build man

    I dreamt that I was visiting my local shopping mall.

    As I entered a clothes store - H&M (although it did not look like the H&M store, it was H&M in my dream), a shop assistant gave a knowing glance to an (unseen by me) colleague.

    I walkwed throuhg the shop to the other exit and as I was about to leave the store, teh original shop assistant stopped me and asked to look in my bag, which I agreed tolet her do,as I was guilty of nothing. She then led me to the checkout and showed me a file, with my photographs, and alleged that I had fraudulently obtained credit/goods in that store on previous occasions - again untrue.

    I decided to make a run for it and she alerted security as I did so, but I neithersaw them, nor did they catch up with me.

    The store was on the first floor (one floor up from ground floor in UK) and I ran out of shop and took an exit throgh a glasss door on my right, which led straight outside.

    I foudn myself at the top of a steep flight of wooden stairs, which were so steep as to almost resemble a ladder. I descended the stairs and walked across the tarmac.

    I found myself in front of another ascending flight of (open tread) stairs identical to the other, so I ascended them. I found myself at the top of them and looking down the other side, saw a desxcending flight of stairs which were even more steep and rickety than the first set. I was scared of walking down them as stairs, but decided I had no choice but to descend.

    Then a man appeared at the top pf these stairs. He seemed very kind, I saw his face,but didnt see his face, if that makes sense, more I got an impression of his appearance - green eyes, sandy/blondy straight mid length hair, olive green cotton shirt and trousers, slim-medium build. He seemed to be the sort who was a clean living, healthy type, likes nature etc. He suggested I descend the stairs like a ladder and helped me down.

    As I walked across the tarmac at the other end, it occurred to me that I could have just walked across the tarmac to begin with, instad of putting myself through climbing and descending stairs needlessly.

    I walked along with the man to my left. We then turned left and the grey/wet tarmac/mall was forgottenand we found ourselves on a lane/dirt track. Sandy cooured. The sun appeared to be shining, bright and clear skies. We walked down the lane togeher, he still to my left.

    I warmed to him and felt happy to be in his company. We passed trees and plants flanking the track and I walked through the low hanging branches of an apple tree, telling him that we used to have apple trees in our garden when I was - which was true in waking life. (I didnt see any apples on this tree, but knew it was an apple tree).

    As I walked through the trees leaves/branches they became thorny, like bramble, not apple leaves and stuck to my clothes and skin, but I had passed through in no time, so no harm done.

    We walked on down the lane and saw two buildings opposite each otehr on each side of the lane.

    The one on my left had big glass windows and dark cedar wood and the approch was via a gentle downward slope. I knew I lived there, but somehow I didnt wantto go there as it didnt feel like it was my home. This house was on the left of the track .

    The man went to go in the other buildingm, which appeared to be apartments, all glass up one side. he pressed a bell and I heard a female voiuce onthe intercom tell him to come up.

    I elt a little disheartened at this as I found him quite atttractive, but went on inside my 'home'

    My current real life boyfreind was inside, although we didnt say anything to each other. There was a dark wood /antique bureau on the right hand side with some artefacts on it - a womans fine silver neck chain and a piece of ornate silk cloth in gold/ochre/burnt orange coour draped across the back of teh bureau,. which slipped and then I adjusted it and replaced it back on top of bureau.

    In front of me was the window and I could see the other house across the lane. I coud see the man on the first floor landing of the building - he had not yet gone inside the apartment , but was on his way. he looked at me.

    My boyfriend said to me 'didnt you know, she finished with him?'

    This instiled some hope in me, but I dont know why.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 40 UK

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    Re: Shopping mall, country lane, houses and fair, medium build man

    If you will comment on your other posted dream I will attempt to dissect this dream. Often long detailed dreams are repetitive. And they can be very confusing. Since you had insights to the other dream you may want to add comments about this dream also.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 56 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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    Re: Shopping mall, country lane, houses and fair, medium build man

    Hi Gerard

    The following day, my overriding impression was of the Middle East/North Africa.

    Sand, cedar trees/wood, olives/olive skinned, sun. The damask silk fabric, the old wood, the cedar wood on the house across the land from the newer, bright, shiny, mostly glass apartment block of about 3 floors. )(I am not sure of the number of floors,but the height/impression was of 3). The side was transparent over all floors, so that one could see the corridors.

    This may have something to do with my Middle Eastern mixed background (which I do not perceive as 'mixed', primarily as we are all human beings - well, most of us! and also my genealogy can be traced back to pre-Semitic times on both Jewish and Arab sides).

    Is this a yearning to get to my 'roots' or connect with family or is is empathy/sympathy for the plight of all peoples in the Middle East or is it just because I love Lebanese food and sunshine or need a holiday in Morocco? Is it a desire for legal 'transparency' regarding the ongoing legal debacle in which I am embroiled.

    Are the pointless wooden staircases indicative of energy needlessy expended, when one could have taken an easier, less arduous shortcut?Who knows!

    Any suggestions? And don't say coucous and lamb tagine for 2, to go!

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 40 UK

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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