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  • 6. All dreams have at least two meanings or applications. One is the symbolic representation, metaphorical of the emotional energies, and the second being a literal application where a person, place or experience is addressing a real life experience. More about this in the Basics of Dream Analysis section at Power of Dreams

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    Hi, my dream last night, took a while to remember it, and not sure what made me remember it, but:

    I dreamt of budgies, I have dreamt of budgies a few times before, and not sure what they symbolise.

    Well I think in the dream, I had some budgies, or I bought them as pets.
    I remember them being very small, wrapped in light material, very tight, as they seemed to be born not long ago. Well that's what I thought anyway.
    But somehow I kept them wrapped in this material for too long, and they died. There was many of them.

    I had to get or buy more to replace the dead ones.
    And after that I remember they seemed healthy, perhaps grew bigger, with many bright colours.

    In my waking life many years ago, I had two budgies as pets, one blue male and one yellow female. We had to give them away to somebody else, before we moved to Australia, so I feel fond of budgies.

    What do budgies symbolise, well they are birds, so would ideas of freedom, movement etc be part of this dream?
    A book I am reading at the moment 'Yoga and Jung' speaks of birds in dreams, where if you dream of flying birds you seem to get away from reality and seeking the spiritual life which can be harmful.

    What would this dream symbolise in my case? Is the death of these birds positive then?
    and the act of getting more to replace the dead? Is that seeking a higher spiritual life anyway? There seem to be two motifs in the dream, death and life.

    Any ideas most welcome,


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 24 Melbourne Australia

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    Re: budgies

    Dear Magda

    It is some book that 'Jung and Yoga' by Judith Harris.
    If it is the same book, there is a forward by Marion Woodman ,,, "Jung repeatedly warned people born in the West to ground their yoga practice in the body if they wished to dare the heights of spiritual insight".

    At the heart of this work is paradox - death brings life; letting go beings renewal; intertwined meanings.

    The bird is often said to symbolise transcendence ,, attaining the spiritual heights ,,, but if it is ungrounded there is no connection to the earth (mother ,,, recognition of where we came from). If you are lofty, reaching for the skies you may have xs connection to the father.
    The budgie is such a great symbol of a 'householder' ,,, yet it is a pet ,,, contained, controlled, not really free,
    I am reminded of the tale of the father who kill the bird that the child has ,,, because it sings too much ,, all it wants to do is sing its song. I am sorry I cannot remember it more accurately.

    If you are practicing hatha yoga (asana) reflect on groundedness in your practice - establishing a firm, rooted connection to the ground. "Root to Rise".

    Hope this helps, namaste

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 48 Brisbane Australia

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    Re: budgies

    Thanks Justin,

    I practice yoga very rarely, well I did more few years ago, but haven't in a while - would like to get back to it.
    I suppose though the symbol of transdendence amd renewal is still there in the dream, relating to my personal life.

    I don't think I have been trying to free myself from the earthly life.
    So then renewal is perhaps more useful in this dream.
    You know the birds were wrapped in this material so tight they looked like tiny mummies.

    I wonder how the dream relates to my waking life.
    Have I successfully attempted to ground myself in the earthly life? why did I get more birds?
    I am slightly confused.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 24 Melbourne Australia

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    Re: budgies

    And last night I have dreamt of being on a plane, looking out onto beautiful views, of the ocean.
    The view was so clear,and it felt like there was almost no window in the plane, or no plane itself, just feeling of being seated and strapped like in a aearoplane.

    It seems like I am trying to attain to something more spiritual, deeper.
    These symbols are similar to the dream about budgies.

    I thought I was on the right track in my waking life.
    Do these dreams highlight that or suggest another direction?

    thank you

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 24 Melbourne Australia

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    Re: Re: budgies

    Hi Magda

    you are right these are similar themes ,,, in a sense.
    You have mentioned something very interesting ,,, mummification ,,, dead but 'petrified' ,,,
    There is another theme in this aeroplane dream - that of inflation ,,, take care. Where is the balance in your life?

    I think Jung's warning about yoga was not just about physical yoga - yoga includes many practices whose aim is the return to union (just as Jung described individuation). However all these practices are potent and intensify the process.
    We (Westerners), especially at this time, are not grounded ,,, we are prone to lofty idealism and esoteric thought. For this union we need to stay connected - like the trunk of a tree - the leaves reach to heaven, the roots are in the earth and provide the stability ,,, if we are uprooted, or do not tend our roots we run the risk of becoming unstable and falling. Our physical form needs to be strong enough to make and sustain the linking - in this physical form we are the connector.

    In one arm of practices there is the intention of sublimating the body, almost denying or overcoming it's perceived limitations. Is this life affirming?
    Another arm of practices include the body; and perceive the body as a vehicle through which the joy of union can be perceived. This does not mean just physical union with another; although it has been portrayed as such. These practices include the body in the journey, and do not deny all that that entails - physical limitations, ailements, ageing. So there are TWO journeys happening - the inner and the outer: the psychic/spiritual and the physical.

    One way to work with dreams that this is to be open to whatever possibilities come up,,,, reflect on the dreams over time ,,, trust that the dream is letting you know something that is true and that knowing will help you.

    thanks for the response,

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 48 Brisbane Australia

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