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    Mother Died, Compassion and Remorse

    Hi All,

    1. On waking I realized in the dream I was so self absorbed I didn't notice if the young family was there when I left. Felt pity, remorse, could have given them the money to buy food or helped in some way.
    2. Been feeding a stray cat and kittens lately - may relate to this in some way. The kittens are ferral (unkempt?).

    I walk into a corner market to buy cigarettes and a sandwich. I choose a sandwich. Walking to counter to pay. A clerk, East Indian man, is behind the counter. A customer, young man (late 20's) wearing blue and white plaid flannel shirt and jeans stands at the counter. His two small children stand behind him. I notice the children are happy, whispering to each other, have a slightly unkempt appearance from clothes haphazardly worn. They were dressed by someone not accustomed to dressing small children. They are clean, well cared for and talk quietly as if they know it's important they behave well as they wait. I see this may take some time, notice another clerk and register behind the wall to the left. As I turn and walk I hear the young man softly asking for food for himself and his children. Asking for the clerks compassion. The clerk quitely listens. (I ‘know’ the clerk will use his own money to buy food for them. That from the unkempt clothing the young man's wife unexpectedly died. It's apparent he does his best to care for the children and he loves them very much. She was the primary caretaker so without her he can not work as much needing to devote more time to caring for the children.)

    At the other counter, Middle Eastern man, standard pleasant exchange – hello, how are you? Etc. He rings up my items. I hand him my debit card to make payment. He looks/reads the receipt as it slowly prints. A brief penetrating look at me, sizing me up. Then says you won $10. K- Oh, really? C-Yes. There are codes printed on receipts- points to the code- see? I know the codes & this one is for $10. We’re not supposed to tell, customers are supposed to find it on their own. I don’t usually tell people but you seem like a nice person so I thought you should know. He cashes the ‘ticket’ and hands me money. I thank him then walk out of the store thinking I’m glad I stopped in today.

    Any insights are greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 44 Central OH

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    Re: Mother Died, Compassion and Remorse

    Unless there are recent valid waking life experiences that help explain the people in your dream {beyond just a casual association} then they most assuredly represent some aspect of your own psyche. I venture to say there are reasons the dream uses Middle Eastern and East Indian persons {the fact the dreams uses East and Middle terminology may be significant}. Since there are many foreign people in America making a living by operating small stores, shops and businesses, the inclusion of these ethnic people may be from recent experiences in that area {I was reading just this morning of a Middle Eastern merchant who was robbed and killed in his store here in the Nashville area}.

    Perhaps the man with two small children with a slightly unkempt appearance from clothes haphazardly worn is addressing certain aspects of your psyche that fit this description. A maturing masculine aspect giving nurturing care to even younger {developing and not yet fully integrated} aspects. The sandwich may represent nourishment for these developing aspects, a positive choice instead of living by temptations of the body {cigarettes}. Perhaps this indicative of the evolving masculine aspect that without feminine psyche {dead mother} assistance is developing its own {masculine] compassionate attitude {a balanced psyche}. For this masculine attitude to develop its normal function is less in need {without her he can not work as much needing to devote more time to caring for the children}.

    The Middle Eastern clerk, as opposed to or perhaps in coordination with the Eastern clerk at the other counter, may indicate direction or position of these developing attitudes above. From end of the spectrum to the other, you strive for the middle {you live in the West}. By paying your dues {debit card} there are rewards. But these rewards are in a secret code {just like dreams} and not many people are aware of them. Your masculine aspect, the still developing part, is wanting to assist you in achieving these rewards {inner rewards}.

    This is the one explaination I can think of for such a dream. What do you think?


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 56 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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    Re: Mother Died, Compassion and Remorse

    Thank you. Excellent. The feminine left animus work to focus solely on dissolving an intuition block. With this intuition block, I look at dreams and sense…nothing. (Hence, few interpretations offered on the Forum lately.) This entails the animus work on other developing aspects, to the best of its current ability, for the moment. Showing the animus and other developing aspects still require the care and nurting of the feminine.

    Your interpretation identified the overall context(s) and much of the specific symbolism. In addition to your interpretation, the dream would appear to identify the block originates from ego/conscious holding serious doubt as to the soundness, legitimacy and validity, of (my) intuitive aspect, brought about by relying too much on intuition to the exclusion of the animus.

    On mulling the dream, a few more details. Set was a large city like New York – three story brownstones type neighborhood. I entered the market after crossing the road, veering right to enter the door. On leaving, I placed the original receipt w/code in my wallet (mirrors waking life), turned left proceeding on the sidewalk. Entering by veering rather than turning right could symbolize reintegrate the animus in its supportive function. Leaving left may signal intuition would then return to consciousness.

    Using Steve’s ‘view from above’ method the corner market appears as an apex of a triangle, a 90 degree tangent of two lines, two paths. Further thoughts on this in a separate post.

    No recent interactions with persons of East or Middle East cultures. I unconsciously attribute ancient cultures with greater depth of both experience in and knowledge of the spiritual Journey than current Western culture.

    As dreams functions on many levels I consider if this also speaks to continuing animus work, and smoking.

    The young father character may also be a metaphor for the Journey to fully develop the animus aspect. My ex husband was a journeyman, millwright and machinist, with his standard dress being a flannel shirt, jeans and work boots. I found my ex most attractive wearing his blue and white plaid flannel. An unconscious signal, perhaps to attract my attention to the necessary prerequisites: many years; education; long hours; and devoting attention to work. This particular circular path would end with a nurturing, caring and compassionate masculine and financial responsibility.

    I didn’t buy cigarettes because they were at the other counter, the wall separating the two counters. In waking life, after numerous failed attempts to quit I realized I must uncover and resolve the source of impulse. Although smoking engenders serious health and premature death risks, doesn’t feel to originate as a self destructive act. I’ll keep this in the clue library on this issue.

    Many thanks,

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 44 Central OH

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Female

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