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    Death of loved ones by train

    I was sleeping with my boyfriend over his house last night and I first had a dream about my dad being killed by a train.He just walked across the train track and the train rushed right over him and he was gone.I did'nt really feel much for the deatn only shock and I remember there being a lot of conspiracy over how and why he died and lots of people trying to explain to me about the train track.I then dreamt of my fianc'e also being killed in exactly the same way and I awoke crying and had to wake and cuddle my partner for reassurance that he was still with me.I was completely heart broken and when I awoke I really didnt think my partner wa alive if felt awful.
    I am very confused about the significance of the dream and have tried looking it up.I cannot find anything about a loved one being killed by a train only death of a loved one and the meaning of a train not the 2 combined.
    If anyone can help please leave a message or email.I am very curious about all of this.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 19 Cambridgeshire,England

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    Re: Death of loved ones by train

    First let me assure you that the death of your father and boyfriend in your dream should not be taken as a literal event. It is metaphorical of some emotional aspect of your life that is in conflict. Most all images in dreams are metaphorical. Your father and boyfriend are not going to die.

    One possibility to the dream would involve common traits your father and boyfriend possess. A train running on railroad tracks often represents conformity, going along with the system or perhaps doing as you are instructed whether you agree or not. Death in this situation would mean you wish such treatment or experiences would end. The symbol of death would mean an end to something.
    Example: Do your dad and boyfriend tend to be the type that expects you be or act a certain way, or perhaps they like to be waited on hand and foot. You could be tired of such treatment and wish it would end.

    This is how dreams function. They speak about the condition of your life using metaphorical language of symbols and motifs. There are usually more than one level of interpretation to all dreams. The above would involve current emotional conflicts. It could address this current personal aspect and use the same language to also address other current personal aspects using collective language in the narrative of the dream. And still another aspect addresses the deeper aspect to the causes for the inner conflicts {which are often childhood related or from traumatic experiences in life}.

    Another possible aspect of your train dream may be addressing your own masculine traits, what Jung called your animus. Perhaps you have acted in some way recently where masculine traits were in control and you wish {consciously and/or unconsciously} not to be that way. Or your father could represent a higher masculine aspect of your psyche that is not functioning {it died} and your boyfriend symbolizing some other masculine aspect you possess {it has died also}.

    You will need to read more about anima/animus and the other aspects of the psyche posted in the column on the left.

    Look to the first possibility I listed above as probably closer to what the dream is primarily addressing. But remember the dream isn't about either your father or boyfriend dying. It is more likely to be about the relationship between you and them. Your emotional response {which was very emotional} to the dream could be important. Perhaps the intention of the dream, if addressing inner masculine traits, is about an inability to control your emotions. That would indicate a lack of control, which is a masculine aspect. {again see anima/animus}

    Let me know your thoughts to what I have posted and perhaps we will be able to better understand your dream. Read the links I suggested and you may better understand my interpretation{s}.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 56 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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    Re: Death of loved ones by train

    Would it help if I mentioned that my mum and dad are divorced and I dont see him regularly and one time many years ago he said to me over the phone that he was not bothered about my sister or me.I dont really see him as a dad and seeing him is very awkward.He also has a wife and step children.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 19 cambridegshire,england

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? yes

    Re: Death of loved ones by train

    Thanks for the follow-up reply. It may help with understanding at least part of your dream.

    In your dream you stated 'lots of people trying to explain to me about the train track'. If we concentrate on the track more so than just the train it may devulge the significance of this dream statement. From Soul Future's Dream Dictionary under track it lists 'A scar left behind by something that happened in the past' as a possibility. This would probably fit the emotional relationship with your dad. In your follow-up you state 'I dont really see him as a dad'. The strained relationship could explain the images of his being killed by a train. Also in Soul Future's DD under train you have the possible meaning 'A train within the dream may represent segmenting, compartmentalizing or reviewing various phases, cycles or areas of your life'. This may also refer to your past relationship with your father, or more specically a lack of a relationship {not having that proper parental relationship plays a important role in all of our lives}. For all practical purposes the relationship with your father is dead.

    As for your fiancee being killed by a train in the same manner may find relevence in the 'compartmentalizing or reviewing various phases, cycles or areas of your life' description. You may have an unconscious fear that the same thing will happen in your relationship with your fiancee as it did with your father. It may be more unconsciously driven than you are aware of, perhaps to the point it is/has developed into a 'complex'. This could also explain your emotional response to the death dream 'cuddle my partner for reassurance'. If it is a developing complex then any serious male relationship you have, no matter the person, will hold the possibility of the same fear you have with your father's relationship.

    Look to your emotional self to determine if there is a related fear shared from your father and the fear it will happen with your fiancee. If so that would explain the death of both in your dream by the same method; a train running over them.

    I hope this will help you understand the possibilities of your dream. Since there is a similiar dream experienced between your father and boyfriend, then in real life there is most likely the same shared experience between the two. The scenario I gave above is one possibility. If you more observations or comments please post them. It may provide even more useful info in undersatnding your dream.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 56 Murfreesboro, Tn.

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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